Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Grace Kelly: Style Icon: Bendigo Art Gallery

Yesterday we took ourselves to Bendigo on the train, leaving Melbourne far, far behind. Good thing, too, as the weather in Melbourne yesterday was atrocious! But what was calling us to visit Bendigo, I hear you asking? Why, the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition, of course! Oh, and the chance to sit quietly for a couple of hours and do some knitting (ahem).
Train #1

Train #2

Grace Kelly Wedding DressSigh. It was so very, very lovely. I could have stood and gazed at her dresses all day. She had a keen sense of personal style, and knew exactly what suited her.

My favourite part of the exhibition were the photos showing her meeting Prince Rainier for the first time whilst on a film promotional tour of Monaco. Upon opening her suitcase that morning, she was dismayed to discover that all of her dresses bar one were crumpled, and that there was no time for the hotel to press them before she met the Prince. So she put on the uncrumpled frock, met the Prince and lo! fell in love and sealed her destiny of become a glamorous, much beloved princess. I know you're wondering who made the dress. Why, it was a McCalls dress that she had modelled for the spring/summer catalogue! That fact made my seamstress' heart fill with joy!
Grace Kelly McCalls Dress

I think I need a version of that dress in my wardrobe, stat.

Grace Kelly: Style Icon is on at the Bendigo Art Gallery until 17th June, 2012. Bookings are absolutely essential.


  1. I do so want to see this exhibition. I adored Grace Kelly and her daughter Caroline as a child.

  2. Love it. What a great reason the leave the city behind.

  3. Went to the exhibition last week with a group of friends and thought that is was as beautiful as the Wedding gown exhibition how do Bendigo do it all so well. The
    dresses brought back many memories as Grace Kelly was one of my Mother's favourite "film stars" as we called them then and the Women's Weekly often displayed pictures of her.

  4. Ahhh I have fond memories of Bendigo from visiting there last year. Plus I'm reading the Grace Kelly biography "High Society" by D Spoto. It's supposed to be more reliable than others as Donald knew her for many years as a family friend. Glad I stumbled across your post.

  5. Love the Grace Kelly style! Have you seen the Jackie Kennedy challenge I have started??? http://www.thetailorsdaughter.com/jacqueline-kennedy-onassis-fashion-challenge.htm
    Luckily, based on what I can tell her clothing was all done from one block pattern... aside from the underlining of each piece (which I must do to stay authentic to the true design... it should be fairly easy... fingers crossed! Thanks for the inspiration!


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