Monday, June 25, 2012


Birthday Girl

I swear it was only yesterday that you came into our world, but the calendar tells me that I'm wrong, for today you are eight. And without becoming too goopily sentimental about it all, these eight years have been the best - the very best - of my life.

There are so many things I love about you: The way you ask every weekend if you can go swimming. The ways your eyes crinkle up when you laugh. Your boundless creativity (as evidenced by the thread, wool, cut up paper, glue, sequins etc that follows you around the house). How you never complain about walking in the rain. The enthusiasm you show every single type of food ever presented to you. The grin that lights up your face when you thwack the ball at tennis. How Pride and Prejudice is your viewing of choice. How you still sing yourself to sleep with steam-of-consciousness operas that you compose nightly. How any form of slapstick provokes you to laugh uproariously, like a crazy old man. The care you show if anybody falls, or cries, or heck, even sneezes.

Ruh-roh - somebody sound the goop alarm. I'm hopelessly melting into a great big puddle of goop just thinking about how terrific you are, and how lucky I am to call myself your mother. Happy birthday, dearest darlingest Tyger. xo xo xo


  1. Happy birthday to your girl! Have a great celebration.

  2. voimani7:47 pm

    Happy Birthday to the Tyger.

    This is such a lovely post, such a wonderful declaration of love to your daughter. I'm really touched :-)

  3. it's your right to indulge in such proclamations of love. It's beautiful and touching and heartfelt. Good on you for indulging your 'goop'

    Eight is such a great age, Happy Birthday :)

  4. So sweet! And the look of delight as she beholds those pink cupcakes!

  5. Goop about all you damned well like, Mum. You earned it. Happy Birthday Tyger!

  6. Such a sweet post. Now just sit back and wait for puberty. Different type of goop!

  7. Happy Birthday! The pink cupcakes are just adorable! Did you manage to finish the present on time?

  8. Day after, Butterfly. D'oh!

  9. Danielle5:28 pm

    It's not all bad, growing up I mean- I hear you can rock climb once 8 years old!!!


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