Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sewing interventions

Sabrina With Bodice Front

"What am I doing?" cried Jorth, feeling annoyed with herself and her lack of time management. "What was I thinking? There are pleats, and sleeve tabs, and pocket bias bindings, and button bands - how on earth did I think I would be able to snap my fingers and get this whipped up in no time?"

Her breathing became quicker, and shallower as the mental pressure built up. Just as the first hyperventilation dots began to appear in front of her eyes, Jorth realised that she needed a sewing intervention. Taking a few deep breathes, she glanced around the room, realised that she was by herself, and decided that in emergencies, a self-administered intervention was better than none. She took herself over to the mirror, and said "C'mon Jorth. You can do this! Just take your time, because you know when you rush you always totally screw things up. It won't be the end of the world if you don't get it finished in time for the Tyger's eight birthday - what matters is that you took the time to make it for her in the first place. So settle down, sit down, and get some sewing done, because before you know it she won't want you sew things for her anymore."

Having given herself a metaphorical slap across the cheek, Jorth pinned the bodice front to Sabrina the dummy, and began to work on the pockets of the skirt, all the while wondering how 8 years could have possibly flown by so fast. Whilst Jorth was thus occupied, Sabrina took the opportunity to get a little sentimental. "So!", she thought, "she's making the Tyger a shirt dress for her birthday. My goodness - I've never had anything made for the little girl pinned onto me before." Sabrina glanced down at the bodice, and in a tone of shock said "My dear! She's not a little girl anymore. She's very much grown up - look how tall she's gotten. Oh my... how so very quickly it goes."

Sabrina felt the cruel stab of nostalgia dig deep. It only seemed like yesterday that the tousled hair toddler had used to hide behind her in games of hide and seek, but now she was almost 8 years old. The days that had been filled with such giggle-filled games were now replaced with school days, and the whole house sat lonely and quiet until she came bursting into the door again in the afternoon. Feeling the first pricks of tears, Sabrina pulled herself up with a start. "Now, Sabrina, my girl, you too have to pull yourself together. Children grow up, and it's not your job to become maudlin over that fact. She's growing into a fine young woman, and you should be happy that her clothes are now also being pinned on you. Besides, crying will do no good to your movable parts - they're rusty enough as is! So stand up straight, and be glad that the Tyger still wants her Mum to make clothes for her."

Unaware of what the other was doing, both Jorth and Sabrina let out very small, slightly sad sighs for the days that had gone and would never return. Then both concentrated on the tasks at hand - Jorth on making the shirt dress for a daughter who made her prouder with every passing day, and Sabrina  on standing straight and proud with a bodice pinned to her that had been made with love.


  1. Absolutely stunning writing, and I rode that wave, the story of growing up, as I was reading... yes they do grow up before a blink of an eye "pretty scary stuff". A Very Happy Birthday to your beautiful little (growing taller) Tyger - lots of happy times to be had, I'm sure.

  2. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Ahhh, yes, last weekend I was up until 2am sewing a mouse costume for my little one who turns 7 on Monday. Why do I always do this to myself?


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