Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where my sewing bloggers at?

Still Life: Sewing Machine with Thread

The Commander-in-Chief strode into the operations room, and starting barking orders. "I want to know where those sewing bloggers are at, STAT!"

"Who would you like, sir?" gasped the nervous surveillance officer.

"Damn good question!", said the Commander, who was awfully good at giving commands without putting too much thought behind them. Stroking his chin, he said "Let me see... we know Nikkishell is doing fine, having just made that mini New York cape... Julia Bobbin has just finished off that terrific Bedazzled dress, so we don't need to check up on her... Oonaballoona is dazzling them as always with her fabulous creations...JORTH! Give me Jorth! Let's see if she's bounced back from that pink coat disaster yet."

The now heavily perspiring surveillance officer fiddled with some controls at his computer. Suddenly the 68 inch screen in front of him lit up, showing a macro view of Jorth hard at work at her sewing machine. The Commander came up closer to have a better look, and the surveillance officer, suddenly aware of how close a proximity he was to greatness squeaked "It's the hidden video camera in her sewing machine that's broadcasting this for us, sir. If you just let me zoom in a bit further, we might be able to see what she's working on."

"Zoom away, my lad" said the Commander, slapping the surveillance officer jovially on the shoulder. Gentle though that slap may have been, it still caused the weedy officer to almost fall out of his chair. Recovering himself, he quickly zoomed in, and then announced breathily "It looks like she's working on McCalls 5975. In fact, she's ready to attach the skirt to the bodice. She'll have finished that dress in no time!"

"Jolly good!", said the Commander, and decided that since all was going well in the world of sewing blogs he might as well take the rest of the afternoon off to work on his golf swing.


  1. Funny as always! Love your new look :)

  2. "but captain, my captain, is the pink coat still in solitary? do we need to send oonaballoona in for a rescue mission? she's promised to stay off the booze!"

  3. Your blog is always so much fun to read!

  4. An earthly delight! So glad to have found your blog.


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