Monday, May 21, 2012

A pink coat disaster

Pink Coat #2

By all rights, Sabrina the dressmakers dummy should have been happy. It was a glorious autumn day, and the sun was streaming in through the window, flooding the room with a bright cheering light. But Sabrina was far from happy. She was too hot, for starters, and found no pleasure in the dazzling sunshine. She stood straight on her stand, and kept up a low-level grizzling monologue, all of which the clothes in the wardrobe knew better than to interrupt.

One brave blouse nudged her neighbour, and whispered "If she's so hot, why doesn't she just take the coat off?"

Her neighbour, a fine pair of black pleated pants, answered gravely "Look, kid, you're fairly new around here, so I'll explain how things work. Garments being sewn by Jorth generally stay on Sabrina until the garment is finished."

The blouse was nonplussed. "But it looks plenty finished to me!"

The black pants sighed. "Listen up, Blousie. If the garment is finished, then it gets hung up in the wardrobe, here with us. Obviously the pink coat ain't finished." Lowering his voice so that the blouse had to lean right in to hear, he said with great seriousness "There's been a sewing disaster - the lining isn't fitting into the coat properly, making the back of the coat sit in a rather unflattering bunched up manner. Jorth is so browned off that she's left the coat on Sabrina for the past week, and Sabrina ain't none too happy when that occurs."

"What's going to happen next?" asked the blouse, beginning to tremble gently with ghoulish anticipation.

"Well, just the other day I saw Jorth standing next to the coat, scissors in hand, gesticulating to her husband. I couldn't quite catch what they were saying, but I have a horrible feeling that Jorth is going to do a slash."

"A slash!?" said the blouse, aghast.

"A slash!?!" said the pink coat, quivering from the lining out.

"Yup", said the black pants. "A slash."

It was just as well that the pink coat was sitting securely on Sabrina's shoulders, otherwise she may have toppled to the floor in the swoon. Sabrina, completely aware of the whispered conversation, declared "I don't mind what happens at this point - I just want this coat finished and off me!"


  1. Hang in there Sabrina!

  2. And the coat fainted :P Sorry I couldn't resist. I hope you manage to figure it out.


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