Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Crafty spells

Pink Coat In Progress

Jorth stood muttering over her spell cauldron, casting a spell to stop the heavy grey winter skies from dampening her spirits. Hoicking up her sleeves and beginning to wave her arms over the steam rising from the pot she said:

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
I need something to cheer, on the double!
Something to banish gloom from grey skies.
Something to dazzle all of our eyes!

Suddenly sparks issued violently from the cauldron, and Jorth stepped back just in time, for a huge crack rent the air, and the room was filled with smoke. Coughing somewhat, Jorth approached the pot once the smoke had cleared a little, and was delighted to find some lovely bright pink wool coating, matching lining and Simplicity pattern 6006 sitting in the bottom of the cauldron.

"Excellent!" she grinned. "What better to dispel the winter blues than with a hot pink coat!" She laid the fabric on the table, opened a window to let the last of the smoke out and immediately got to work.


  1. Your writing always makes me smile! Thank you

  2. I'm sure that will make a stunning coat. After a truly icy Monday, we're back to balmy weather in Sydney. Am thinking t-shirts again.....

  3. Swooned at the sight of your gorgeous pink wool! But just hop on a plan to Sydney. Skies are blue..for now...but I have fushia wool of my own for when the blue turns to grey.

  4. Just reading your stories makes me smile and would cheer up any gloomy day!! Hot pink coat - sounds good too.

  5. I need one of hose cauldrons :) I love the fuchsia coloured wool btw.

  6. Well, i hope i' going to see that pink coat on the owner some time soon :)


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