Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bellarine Rail Trail Ride

Queenscliff #1

Queenscliff #2

Queenscliff #3

Queenscliff #4

Queenscliff #5

Queenscliff #6

Queenscliff #7

Queenscliff #8

You can't beat a stiff ocean breeze for clearing out the cobwebs, and we certainly got that when we rode our bikes down to Queenscliff along the Bellarine Rail Trail, after catching the train with our bikes to South Geelong.

Now, there's a lot to be said for travelling in a car - it gets you from A to B in quite the speedy fashion, and in relative comfort. And cars are darn useful things. Ambulances, fire trucks, Mr Whippy vans - I wouldn't be without them. Bikes, however, give you a whole buffet spread of experiences that you just don't receive in the sealed confines of a car.

For example? The salty tang of the air. The crunch of gravel under your wheels. The sharpening of senses as you leave the city's dust behind. The thrill of achievement when you spot your destination just over and beyond the next hill. The big daft grin as you coast down the hill into town, the wind turning your cheeks rosy red, and your heart full of gratitude for the life-affirming exultation a bike ride can bring.

I wouldn't miss any of it for the world. Not even the sore knees. They are a reminder of a job well done!


  1. I love bike riding! I'm a big advocate of riding and the joys it can bring. I recently posted about how to ride a bike in a dress/skirt withouth looking like a mobile peep show. :)

  2. Your photo's are amazing, The Bellarine Rail Trail looks and sounds wonderful! I too love a good bike ride and don't even mind a sore butt when pushing myself too hard first ride of the season!

  3. You are the most beautiful photographer! Just lovely. What a trip, makes me want to head down your way.

  4. How wonderful! I love Queenscliff.... :-)

  5. i am positively swooning. oh, to taste that salty tang...jorthy, you are a blessed gal living in the middle of all that wonder.

  6. Julie8:28 am

    My friend moved to Queenscliff about 2 years ago. It is a gorgeous place to live and visit. Great photos!

  7. Gorgeous images, you can just see from them how much fun you had. I haven't gone biking in ages ... :(


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