Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink Coat Operation

Pink Coat #3

It was a good thing that Jorth was carrying her, for the pink coat was feeling a little weak and light-headed after her ordeal. Jorth carefully arranged her on Sabrina the dressmakers dummy, and then left the room quietly.

As soon as the door had shut, all her fellow garment friends began to call out to her, wanting to know how it all went.

"Well", said the pink coat, "at first I was horrified. When she said she was going to slash my lining, I really did think that was it for me. But then she laid me down on the table, and cut the lining open so deftly that I barely felt a thing!"

There was a collective intake of breath at the coat's bravery. One impressed little sock called out "Was the cut deep?"

"Oh yes!" answered the pink coat, beginning to enjoy herself. "It went from side seam to side seam. You could see right inside me!"

Plunk! went a bracelet in the jewellery box. The other bangles helped her back up, and tittered amongst themselves that she had never been good around garment medical stories.

The pink coat continued on. "You should see how many stitches she put in me! I'll admit, I did feel a little bit queer as she was applying the patch to the cut, and then stitching me up, but after she quickly pressed me to make my lining sit nice and flat I felt as good as new. I'm like the bionic coat!"

"So brave!" said Sabrina, impressed for once. "Not many clothes could handle a textile operation like that. Still, it did need to be done. That too-small lining was making you sit so crookedly at the back, and no garment wants to go out looking like that. Now that the alteration has been a success, does that mean that you're now officially finished?"

"Uh huh!" said the coat happily. "All I need now is my photo shoot on Jorth herself, and I'll be able to join you all in the wardrobe."

"Hooray!" cheered the other garments, except for one miffed half-finished purple dress, who grumbled quietly to herself "Huh. Hope that Jorth gets around to finishing me next!"


  1. I have loved the tales of the pink coat. Especially the bangles tittering!

  2. Anonymous2:27 am

    Such a lovely coat! Possibly the world's most perfect colour!


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