Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn Stash Busting


The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.

Oh, bugger that, thought Jorth. The time has come for me to make a list, as I have too many projects stashed away, and they are threatening to overwhelm me!

So, inspired by both Nic and Suzy, I present to you the official Jorth Crafting List of Autumn 2011, based on what is in my stash. I'm also going to follow Nic's lead and put myself onto a strict stash diet. No more purchases until the backlog has been cleared!

Red skirt (Burda pattern)
Pink viscose top (Vogue 1020)
Liberty splatter dress (Burda Magazine 8/2009)
Liberty splatter skirt (Burda Magazine 9/2010)
Spotted black coat that was cut out last year
Black wool dress (McCalls 6199)
Cowl wool dress (McCalls 6069) in pink wool knit and another in blue viscose knit
Liberty shirt (Simplicity 2255) - almost done, just need to do the sleeves!
Our Favourite Top in pink linen knit
Blue tencel dress for Grumbles
Grey corduroy dress for Grumbles
PJ pants for Grumbles and myself
Softie doll for Grumbles

Black yoga wrap (only 1.5 sleeves to go. C'mon, Jorth!)
Black and pink striped jumper
Pink baby shrug for a friend
Striped cardigan for Grumbles

Eek! There is a list longer than my arm of other things I want to make, particuarly in the knitting department, but I must be good. I'm sick of looking at stash. The worst part is, that's only the winter stash I'm tackling. There's a whole pile of summer weight fabrics that are also hidden away...


  1. Cripes. I'm not just ready to commit to a list yet. But I know it's inevitable. I also know that the length of your list is going to look barely millimetres long once I 'fess up to my WIP sins.

  2. You're inspirational. And smart for choosing winter clothes first!

    I count 11 leotards and a billion pieces of clothing it's now too late in the season to wear.

    Lucky for me I've got limited Easter plans!

  3. Oh I hear you! I keep a tight rein on the knitting to-do list but I'm too scared to write down the sewing list!

  4. Your brave listing them all for public viewing. Good luck - can't wait to see the finished items. Hmm - a list, I'll think about it.

  5. You need a sewcation! The list might seem long but I think you're on to something - just think of the gorgeous items you'll have once you've finished. And crossing things off a list feels great :)

  6. We'll keep each other on track!

  7. i think i've waxed eloquent on my love of lists, but this particular sort of list is hairy and scary. my stash would EAT ME ALIVE, i tell you! you are a fearless lass, jorthy.

  8. I'd forgotten that we're from different parts of the world. I was confused with all the "autumn talk" lol.

  9. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  10. I need to do some serious stash busting too!


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