Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Crochet Kid

Eeek! It's finally happened. I knew this day would come, but why did it have to come so soon?


That's right - Grumbles knows how to do something that I don't know. Crochet! One lesson from her aunt Gerda, and she's chain-stitching up a storm. I'm going have to get my crochet hustle on if I'm to beat her in the crochet stakes. I've been saying for yonks that I want to make one of those fancy ripple blankets, and this, I feel, should be the winter to do it. Just need to actually learn how to crochet, that's all.

That'd be once, of course, I finish my striped jumper, and my yoga wrap, and the jumper the Galumph has requested, and the baby shrug for a friend, and the cardigan for Grumbles, and the billion or so Kim Hargreaves designs I fancy adding to my wardrobe. Ach - my hands are cramping just thinking about it!

PS Grumbles - I'm super proud of ya, tiger!


  1. I just hope that I have an aunt Gerda around to teach my kids any crafting pursuits that they want to learn. My patience and skills at teaching are worse than zero. Can I borrow aunt Gera when the time comes? Does she do other stuff- like French knitting and glueing pompoms and glitter?

  2. My 7 yo son recently said when asked what his hobbies are, "knitting". And, although I know how to, I certainly didn't teach him, it was his grandma. I have no patience, sadly. He's trying to get me to sew with him and I'm dragging my feet. Shame!

  3. Snap. My sister recently taught my daughter to crochet. Maybe I'll have to sit in on the next lesson, if only I could get another couple of hours in every day...

    Love that the kids are enjoying crochet :)

  4. Woot! That's so wonderful. I too, can't get that ripple blanket out of my head!

  5. Ooh, I've been wanting to ripple for ages now! Have you seen Attic24 on typepad? She has a good basic ripple that looks ace and is very do-able. I've bought the ripple stitch book by Jan Eaton - I think Alicia may have used that. Also got a very groovy old 70s ripple pattern.

    Let's ripple!

  6. please tell me when she's up to giving lessons. that girl has her mum's talented fingers!

    ps ooh!ooh!brilliant idea alert! you can teach grumbles how to knit and then she can half all those projects with you. yay, right?

  7. Grumbles - you are talented. There's no stopping you now!!! Have fun!!


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