Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Soon to be a shirt

I have two days off in a row - bliss! It feels like I haven't had that for ages, even though I have, but it's all been taken up with fete sewing and other onerous duties. But today I am determined to sit down and get some sewing done for me, me, me! (sorry Grumbles)

I have Liberty wool/cotton. And a block of time. And a freshly made cup of joe. I want for nothing more (except a cleaner, perhaps, to swing by and do the housework that I am conveniently ignoring...)

Shirt In Progress


  1. That fabric looks amazing. I have a huge pile of fabrics and patterns on the dining room table as we speak. PJs for the kids, skirts and hoodies for my daughter and- most importantly- skirts for me. Enjoy your time!

  2. great teaser! The fabric is beautiful.

  3. Looks like another gem in the making!

    Nobody blames you for wanting a cleaner, damn fine idea that.

  4. Fabric looks lovely, I look forward to seeing the finished product. I would so love to get some sewing in, wouldn't even have to be for me, anything would do right now!

  5. so i went all stalker geek and looked up the pattern. i can't wait to see how you make this, the envelope makes me shudder! i can never get past those stiff models... and they always seem to make the pattern out of equally stiff fabric...

  6. Ten Pegs7:49 am

    Hey I'm making a skirt at the moment in that fabric! Can't wait to see the shirt - looked up the pattern of course - I am making simplicity 9825, just to the knee and lining it so it doesn't stick to my tights! It's beautiful to sew with and I am heading back to tessuti to buy some in a different pattern because it would be so nice next to the skin...

  7. I'd like a block of kid free (day)time and a cleaner too please!
    Don't expect i'll get my wish though.

  8. Love that fabric - Enjoy your well earned free time.


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