Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Autumn love

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Autumn 3

Things I love about autumn (in no particular order):
- baked apples
- roasted pumpkin
- school holidays hanging out with Grumbles, playing cards and lying on the bed telling each other stories
- hearing the rain on the roof knowing I am tucked up safely and snug inside
- knitting without sweaty paws
- planning which coat to sew (and never actually getting around to it!)
- cool and crisp mornings that burst into glorious sun-filled afternoons
- the change in the light and how quickly the day fades into night but still with the decency to provide a breathtaking sunset
- the first breath fog (also usually the day you realised you should have packed your hat and mittens)
- soup simmering away on the stove, for the third time that week (um, different soups people!)
- the prospect of new boots
- shuffling through piles of leaves with a giggle and a skip, and not minding the stares I am given (there are limited weeks you can do this in, and damned if I'm letting any sourpusses deny me my fun)
- getting a decent bike park at work, as all the fair weather cyclists disappear
- the NGV's Winter Masterpieces
- hot pies with sauce at the footy (oooh, the Hawks are looking good this year!)
- quinces

Have I missed any?


  1. Ah, yes autumnal bliss!!! My favourtie season - for the reasons you've mentioned. Add chestnuts roasting on an open fire - okay, it's sounds like a song but I still do roast them on my specially made open fire that my dad made for me - he was special person.

  2. Autumn is my favourite too. I'd have to add - Being able to light the fire, especially on a rainy day.

  3. Wow! You love autumn! Enjoy it - I think it has kicked in particularly early this year...

  4. I was going to say shuffling through the leaves too :) I LOVE doing that and there are piles of Oak leaves on my way to the train station, great fun!

  5. Autumn is my favourite season too. I love layering, stockings and scarves. I love wintry foods, i like crunching leaves, i love the colours of nature and knitting at this time of year.

    I'm trying not to be a fair weather cyclist but that rain yesterday was a little too much. ;)

  6. Socks are my favourite thing about autumn, and pulling out the quilts and blankets for the bed.

    Autumn is my favourite season by far.

  7. oooh don't forget flannelette sheets!

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