Monday, April 11, 2011

Ink & Spindle Open Studio

On Saturday the family rode over to Kensington to check out Ink & Spindle's Open Studio. I am so glad we did, as it was fantastically awesome. Teegs and Lara, the clever girls who run the show, did a brilliant demo, and as a result both Grumbles and I have decided we want to be screen printers when we grow up.

(Although in Grumble's case she may have just been swayed by the big bowl of Jaffas on the snacks table. Ahem.)





Thanks, guys! We had a fabulous and highly educational time. If anybody is interested in going along to one, and seeing to wonderful art of hand printing textiles, keep an eye on their blog - they announce on a regular basis when an open studio is being held. If you can get to one, I highly recommend it. It's local, it's eco-friendly and the sustainable nature of their business, with a focus on minimal waste and longevity of products is to be commended. Girls, I was blown away by your work. My hat is off to you both!


  1. Oh wow, what a treat! Those girls do such awe inspiring work, no wonder you came away on a high. :-)

  2. The studio looks amazing! I have the printing bug, once you start you can't stop! Thanks for posting, you must have had heaps of fun!

  3. Love their work and your photography! Thanks for sharing.


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