Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pyjamas for two

It started off simply enough, with the brilliant idea of bouncing on the bed for the photo shoot. What better way, after all, to show off the pyjamas that Grumbles and I had made during the school holidays? And when I say made, I mean that Grumbles made hers all by herself, with only a smidgen of help from me, and the occasional sign of the cross when she waved the super-sharp sewing scissors around like a maniac, or put her nose thisclose to the moving machine needle.

Despite my fears, the jimjams were made, all digits remained intact and now we had pictures to take. What could be more carefree than pictures of us merrily bouncing on the bed, with the sun streaming through the window and Galumph snapping away, capturing our freshly made jarmies for posterity.

What I didn't count on was the sun refusing to come out from behind the clouds, Galumph getting his usual case of parky hands, and Grumbles producing a continuous ear-splitting squeal. Granted, it was a squeal of delight (after all, how often do you get to jump on the bed with mum?) but I fear my eardrums will never be the same again.

So what began as this (Look at us jumping! Isn't this fun! Bouncy, bouncy, bounce!):


...rapidly became this (Oh lawdy, my ears! My legs! And I think we've killed the bed frame! I'm officially deaf, lame and have no place to sleep. Waaaaah!)


Project Details
Pattern: Pyjama pants for both women and children using Simplicity 5338 (out of print)
Fabric: Flannelette cotton from GJs, using 1.5m for Grumbles and 2m for me
Notions: Elastic for waistband casing.

Good, handy pattern this one. I bought this years ago, and haven't actually cut out any of the pieces. Instead, I just trace them out whenever I want to make some jimiejammies. So far I've made pjs for Galumph, myself and now Grumbles out of it, and see many more pairs in the future, as there is nothing more snug, more comfortable than pjs you have made yourself. And in regards to quality, they reign supreme over anything you can buy in the shops.


  1. Such sweet photos - like a Myers Mother's Day advert!

  2. Oh you do make me laugh...Grumbles those pj's are great!!!

  3. haha so cute! both of you did a great job.

  4. Definitely worth it!

  5. What a clever girl that Grumbles is! Ask her if she can make me a pair next.
    Seriously, we do need some new pj pants, i think a trip to GJ's may be in order for some flannelette.

  6. i am freshly in love with your life.

  7. That is clearly the only way to test out new jimjams. Great job both of you!

  8. awwwww they are the best photos ever. I hope you keep that photo - such a fun mummy daughter shot!

    I was just thinking today I need to whip up some pj pants. With 3 kids in pj's we always need more and they are fun and quick to make!

    love love love that first picture



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