Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleeve Island

There was once a wonderful knitter called Becky, who ran a blog called Skinny Rabbit. Despite producing a prodigious amount of knitting, she would often lament that fact that she was stuck on Sleeve Island.

Well, folks, give me a moment to pull off my boots and tip out the sand, for it seems that I have had an extended stay at Sleeve Island myself.

If this is the part where you begin to scratch you head and wonder "What the heck is Jorth going on about now?!", then sit tight and let me explain:

You find a new knitting project. The need to begin practically consumes you, so you rush out and buy all your yarn and supplies. Coming home, you settle yourself in your favourite knitting spot, steaming hot beverage of choice at your side, and begin to knit. You remain like this for the next week or so. Children may come in demanding your attention, dishes may remain unwashed, dinner will probably go uncooked, but nothing can distract you from your knitting. It's your favourite project ever!

Until one day you wake up, and just can't be bothered with your favourite project. You've begun the sleeve, having completed the front and back, but what yesterday was exciting is now decidedly ho-hum. I mean, really, how excited can one get over a sleeve? Particularly when there are two of the darn things to knit. Boooooooring! Life once more begins to take over, and the knitting is put aside. Whilst you are busy listening to your previously neglected children, cooking those dinners and washing the grotty dishes, somebody dumps a pile of stuff on top of the knitting, and before you know it you've forgotton all about it. Which is convenient, as sleeves are dull. And when you do remember it, it is with a guilty twinge, and no intention to seek it out again.

That, my friends, is called being stuck on Sleeve Island. However, the guilt has finally gotten the better of me. I've found my way off the island, am back of dry land and yesterday not only finished sleeve no. #1, but also completed the ribbing for sleeve no. #2.

Let's just hope that I don't get stuck on Seaming Island. It's a dreadful place, surrounded by the treacherous Ocean of Mattress Stitch. Now, there's a place I don't want to go! (Just grit teeth, Jorthy, and get stuck into it)


  1. hehe! You're funny.
    Ever been stuck on second sock island? I only just recently got off after a 3 year stint.

  2. I'm on a front bodice piece island, nearly done I did the top part wrong. I'm seriously considering frogging the while project (5 pieces!) because I'm stuck on this one dumb part.

  3. Yep, know that feeling. Was stuck on "pattern island". Lesson at Sunspun helped me sort it out - both agreed it was written badly. Vest still on island, but I've moved onto dryer land, for the minute. Oh, I must say your knitting stitches are so perfect - you've got to finish it!!

  4. Oh I hear you! My problem is 'second sock syndrome', where you've finished one sock then have to do the same thing all over again!

    I try to avoid the seam issue by trying to use top-down seamless patterns instead, these make me very very happy!


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