Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colour therapy

Ever feel that life has got you down? That you got out of the wrong side of bed? That the grey clouds are not only sitting heavy and leaden in the skies, but also in your heart?

Then maybe you need some colour therapy. Seriously - that, a cup of tea and some choc-chip biscuits work a treat as far as Grumbles and I are concerned!


There's something so lovely about sitting and nattering to Grumbles about, oh, any old thing as we wield our sticks of colour. It certainly has the power to drive away the mean reds (emotions, not the pencils. I would never banish the actual colour red. As far am I am concerned, to live without red would be to die! Actually, that reminds me - I must show you all a picture of my new glasses. They're, um, red. Really red!)

The colouring book we are are using (and very much loving) is The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring. This book has been such a hit in our house. Now, if only the darn textas didn't keep running out...


  1. Great book! I do love to colour in now and again, it's very therapeutic ;)

  2. i love it! my hubby has been trying to convince me that coloring should be his new stress-reliever, and i've been trying to convince him that weeding the lawn, sweeping the floors, or scrubbing the window screens could instead be his new stress reliever.

    i shan't show him your post. :)

  3. I see a budding Artist in the making. As for 'red' - I love the colour red, and if it comes in a glass - all the better :) hiccup!!

  4. My husband and I did some coloring during the holidays and we were amazed at how nice it made us feel. Definitely therapeutic to do something with your hands and think very little about anything except what color to use.

  5. Methinks there is a hidden, untapped niche out there - colouring books for adults in need of a boost!

  6. I do love anything Usborne :)

  7. Colouring in is fantastic at any age, same goes for Lego. ♥


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