Monday, February 01, 2010

Blossom dress

There's nothing better to do on a warm windy summers day than to go for a bike ride.

Actually, scratch that - there is something better, and that's going for a bike ride on a warm windy summers day wearing a dress you made yourself!

Feeling the sun warming your back as the wind tickles your legs and makes your skirt whirl around while you sniff at the air delightedly to catch all of those fantastic summery smells: drying cut grass, flowers from neighbourhood gardens, backyard bbqs... it's a mighty fine ride, that's for sure.

Project Details

Fabric: Japanese Cotton Osaka Earth Bloom from Tessuti Fabrics

Pattern: Vogue 8380

Notions: 14" zipper, hook and eyes, length of ribbon

This is not a dress I would have tried on in a shop. I'm not generally so girly, but having made this dress up I love it! The fabric has a lot to do with this love - it's beautiful to wear, and feels so comfortable, and I quite like the way the magenta ribbon sets off the colours in the floral print.

And you really can't find a more wearable dress to ride a bike in (although I usually sport daggy sandals during the ride, and save the heels for work. And wear my helmet, but neither item maketh for a good photo!)

All I need now is a magenta cardigan and I can keep wearing the dress on my bike all the way through autumn. Happy biking days indeed (and yes, my bike and I are friends again. She's even stopped clanking!)


  1. Gorgeous dress! Those pink tones sure do suit you!
    ..And I promise the next time I'm at Tessuti, it'll be when you're working :) Meeting IRL ftw!

    p.s. I did just buy a heap of fabric tho, so maybe you'll have to come to our open studio instead! ;)
    xx Teegs

  2. I love the dress. The bike is what caught my eye to be honest.
    Anyway, The dress is a great look for you, even if you're not comfortable wearing this look. Nice work.

  3. so cute! so chic! so you!
    I have this pattern, and haven't yet made it up - need to do a test of the bodice, as I've no idea about the fit.

  4. so pretty...glad to see this on you finally.

    All the best with Grumbles starting school this week xxx

  5. gorgeous! you did a fabulous job with it and model it beautifully! very pretty


  6. Groovy dress, and even groovier bike!

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous! I might have to check this pattern out next time I am at Spotlight.

  8. Love the dress and the fabric! I've been eying off the Osaka Bloom in earth for the longest time ...

    And you and I have the same bikes! Well mine is baby blue and has a baby blue matching bell, but other than that they are the same! I love my bike too.

  9. Hello, Perth Bree in the shop the other week here. Gad! super dress indeed! very inspiring to me...
    thanks for the chat and your sunshine to brighten my day.


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