Monday, February 08, 2010


Jobs for this week are as follows:

 - Take the poor old suddenly re-clanking bike in for a service. Try not to think about the cost.
 - Sew! The fabric stash of summer fabrics really needs to be make up into the garments before the season slides away (now I've got all those ants from "A Bugs Life" in my head intoning "Before the last leaf falls!" in their urgent little ant voices)
 - Figure out what the heck we will eat for Valentine's dinner, as getting a babysitter isn't really an option, and the one time I went out for dinner on that night I felt like a total naf naf.
 - Get defuzzed (gee, you all really wanted to know that one, didn't you?!)
 - Make friends with all the school mums who already seem to know each other (most of the preps have older siblings at the school). Must.Infiltrate.School.Mum.Cliques.Stat.


  1. You're a GO on the infiltration thing. Know that feeling.....

  2. well, i didn't want to say but i did notice a few stray hairs at work the other day.
    ONLY JOKING!!!!! hehe

  3. Mission Infiltration, I know the feeling ; ) I'm sure you'll have no problems...

  4. We all like a good de-fuzzing....


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