Monday, February 22, 2010

Flower brooch

Now, I could have stood in the kitchen, reading the invitation handed to me by Grumbles and quickly figured out which Barbie or book or bauble to buy the hostess. Easy as pie. Walk down the street, turn into shop, select made in China piece of crap that will break in two days (earlier if the child's brothers decide to have a bit of fun with it), ask assistant to wrap, please, pay the money, walk home.

Or I could sit down with Grumbles, have a nice little chat about what her friend would like, and what her favourite colours are, and then we could comment on how she is indeed a little lady so we'd best make her something ladylike.

And then we could spend a happy half hour playing with fabrics, cutting out patterns, rummaging through the button jar, finding the perfect ribbon and then stitch by stitch sew it together with love.

I'm pretty sure you can guess which option we took.

This would have to be the easiest brooch in the world to make:

1 - Cut out a nice flower shape pattern in paper.
2 - Find two pieces of complimentary fabric that will fit the flower pattern piece, and interface the back of them with the toughest interfacing you own.
3 - Cut out the flower pieces from the interfaced fabric.
4 - Find some ribbon and a button, then sew them all together. Then attach a brooch pin to the back.



  1. Sure to be loved by any little girl.

  2. Very cute. All little girls would love this!

  3. Anonymous7:41 pm

    wow this is adorable I think big girls like this too!!!

  4. I would MUCH prefer a handmade flower brooch thank Barbie ;)

  5. I would too -- I actually really want one for myself now!! And I think I'm going to make one for my little niece. Gorgeous!

  6. LOVELY - I know many little girls that would love it!

  7. Well that beats Barbie any day in my book!


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