Friday, October 05, 2007

What's a wintry day without a hand knit cardi?

Project specs:
Size: 3/4
Yarn: 6 balls Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Needles: 4.5mm
Buttons: 3 hand carved wooden buttons of ever so slightly varying sizes from Boutique Beads (179 St. Georges Rd, Fitzroy North)
As per usual, just in time for summer. D'oh!
Technical note: I didn't much fancy the way the stripes were worked according to the pattern, so I varied mine so that you couldn't see a purl row of the contrast colour coming in. My stripe sequence was thus:
Stocking stitch using main colour, ending with a purl row.
Begin stripe sequence:
Row 1 - *Knit one row using contrast colour
Row 2 - Knit
Row 3 - Purl
Row 4 - Knit
Row 5 - Change back to main colour. Knit
Row 6 - Purl
Row 7 - Knit
Row 8 - Purl
Row 9 - Knit
Row 10 - Purl*
Repeat from * to * until stripe sequence is complete.


  1. Oh your daughter looks adorable in Serin. I have that book and marked the same pattern to knit one day, but now after seeing yours I may have to move it up on my list.

  2. Grumbles is getting even cuter!

  3. What gorgeous photos !

    Is that your front step used as a photo opp ? I love it.

    Very American "stoop"

  4. That sweater is SO yummy! Your daughter is adorable too!



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