Thursday, October 25, 2007

The pen is mightier than the "Send" button

It can all seem so difficult, this environmental stuff, can't it? No matter how hard you try in your own life, all effort seems to be completely and utterly negated by those who keep driving their Hummers, leaving all their lights on, eating out-of-season food flown in from other countries, flying themselves around the country or the world whenever the whim for a mini-break strikes etc. It's enough to make you become a hermit. How can one little person make a difference with all this going on around them?

How? Vote! And let your representatives know what issues will get your vote. We have an election coming up here in Australia, and now is the perfect time to start harassing politicians and canidates on issues such as Kyoto, greenhouse targets, coal, energy efficiency, land clearing, carbon pricing, nuclear power, uranium mining and more. One simple and easy way to do this is to head on over to The Big Switch site, and use their forms to send emails to the pollies on these issues. Changes need to be made NOW if we are going to prevent our world heating up past 2 degrees (which in itself is quite disasterous).

Emails are pretty good, but if you could send an actual paper letter, that would be even better. My husband used to know a guy who worked for one of the major parties, and he said that emails were routinely ignored, but paper letters, by rule, had to be opened and then answered.

So what are you waiting for? Pen to paper, and make a difference. Remember - they NEED your votes, so show them how to win 'em. For a small window of time, the power is most definitely in your hands.


By the way, thanks for all the yoghurt advice. Jamie Oliver, Schmoliver. Looks like I'll be checking out that Easiyo next time I hit the supermaket!


  1. Being only a resident of this country i'm not allowed to vote.....yet. We recently applied for citizenship and have our interviews in December, hopefully they'll be glad to have us, that is if they don't kick us out and send us back to the UK.

  2. i honestly just said to hubby today 'I think I need to start writing some letters to our local member'.
    A couple of people were handing out leaflets yesterday at a supermarket. you know the real glossy ones with the big photos and vote for me. My husband said to them - 'do you think these glossy leaflets are helping our environment in any way?'


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