Monday, October 08, 2007

Dead rat three times

Does anybody else remember that song? Although I think it's actually called DCX3 - dead cat three times. Oh lookie here - not the actual video but you can hear the song. Anyway, I mention it because the worst that could occur, has:

The rat has died somewhere under the house. Did Dante's Inferno feature a house verily consumed with dead rat smell? Because that is the hell I am living.

Oh, and Grumbles spent most of Sunday day and night throwing up. Damn gastro bug. Note to self: tie up her hair before she next begins to vom. Makes life much easier if you don't have to wash hair alongside the jim jams, sheets, pillow etc etc.


  1. Anonymous11:07 am

    Oh dear, oh dear. Poor Grumbles, and poor you. I wish you healthier, sweeter-smelling days ahead. Also, congratulations on the dinnerdaily article. You are a clever girl.

  2. I have experienced the dead rat in the roof space and the smell was ghastly. We also had flies as a result...yurch! No amount of " well, we do live in a forest" type comments would help! I'm afraid I lost all my green principles and bug bombed the house!


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