Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oi there, you zips - stand to attention!

Creeeeeeeek.... kerthump. What's that noise? Why, the sound of the overlocker and sewing machine being hefted from their winter hibernation spot in the cupboard, up onto the table.

This, my friends, is a call to arms. Put those knitting needles aside, and bring out the pins and tape measures and tailor's chalk. Blow the dust off the sewing machine, and give the iron a clean. Assemble your bias binding, your elastic thread, your buttons and zips and hooks and eyes. Ready yourself for gathered sleeves, and negative ease, and crooked buttonholes, and zips that refuse to sit just so and make you quiver with rage, for the sewing season has begun!

Fingers crossed, Grumbles will have a brand new spanking wardrobe, quicker than you can say "Eeerr-I've-stabbed-myself-with-the-quick-un-pick-again!"


  1. Hooray for the sewing season, although mine never stopped :)

  2. That is some mighty gorgeous fabric you have there...


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