Thursday, October 04, 2007

Memorable recent quotes from Grumbles

In no particular order:

- "EEEEEEK! I just got scared by my Lego!"

- After bursting in on me whilst I'm on the toilet: "Mum, I'll always remember that I love you. Bye now!"

- "Hey Mum, look now - I can see my face in my poo!" (I think she was referring to her reflection in the toilet bowl, but who knows?!)

- "Mum, I just hurt my foot!"
"Are you ok?"
"Oh yes, foot very happy now!"


  1. Gorgeous. Can I tell you one back?
    Me - "Do you need to go to the toilet?"
    Son - "No, I'm just dancing!"

  2. oh my god, she´s the most sweet little girl I´ve ever seen - and I usually don´t like children at all but there´s something adorable in her face... that devotion... (and of course the hair-do, I LOVE cool hair-dos)

  3. They are all very cute.... i think the lego one is my fave.... ahhh kids they truly are the best aren't they??? ps anything to do with poo always gets a laugh from me (except if its the dogs and I have to clean it from the laundry floor)

  4. Love it !

    What a sweetie


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