Sunday, April 22, 2007

Welcome aboard the good ship Fettucine

As I looked into the cupboard this morning I noticed, to my horror, that our dried pasta supply was rapidly dwindling. This did not bode well for our Plastic Free month.
"Galumph!" I bellowed. "We've got a pasta emergency. All hands on deck, stat!"
"Aye, aye, slave driver!" he groaned back.
"You man the camera like a good lad, and I'll take charge o' the pasta machine", I ordered, and after whizzing 6 eggs and 1/2 a kilo of flour in the food processor, then letting it rest wrapped in baking paper in the fridge for an hour, we were ready to board the good ship HomePastaMaking.
(Note: I have absolutely no idea why this post suddenly has a nautical theme, but if you let me be Horatio Nelson, then I'll let you be my lieutenant. Huzzah!)
First you roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface, then pop it into the pasta machine, and roll it through the settings, from thickest to thinnest, stopping to dust the pasta with flour periodically, and check the wind direction, or something suitably maritime. Oh, and don't get flour on the camera - the captain certainly won't be happy with you if you do, and you may find yourself court martialed (or at the very least denied an afternoon easter egg treat).
Then Grumbles will wake up from her nap, so she'd best have a turn of the crank as well. All hands on deck, and watch for shot spray or, more appropriately in this case, clouds of flour that can get up your nose and make you sneeze!
Then it's back to the flour station, to do some more dusting.
Then add the pasta machine cutting attachment, and roll through the dough once more, marvelling as it's turned into ribbons of fettucine. Pasta ahoy, me lads!
Lastly, finish up your voyage on the high rolling seas of pasta making by rolling each ribbon into nests, and allowing to dry throughly overnight (you can pinch a few for dinner that evening, though).


  1. Permission to board the good ship Homepastamaking, Captain?

    We have one of those pasta makers in a cupboard somewhere...never used...I'm inspired to dig it out and give it a whirl now!

    Anchors away...

  2. Welcome aboard!

    We just finished our dinner and oh my did it taste goooooood!

  3. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Oooh you guys are good! I haven't made pasta in ages, i usually do it the hard way (with the rolling pin) but i think i see a pasta roller purchase happening soon.

  4. I've been dying to get one of those pasta machines. Ebay is the ticket, methinks. Either that or shrivel up and expire from pasta envy.

  5. Anonymous7:59 am

    I am mightily impressed. And thankyou for your comment.

  6. Wow, you impress me !

    'Specially love the B&W treatment, and the adorable Grumbles treatment. You really should be wearing a gingham pinny though.

    Man, I suck. I may as well take another swig of my morning Coca Cola, and chew down on this styrofoam-wrapped burger made of endangered animals ...

  7. Anonymous4:23 pm

    thankyou for your lovely comment on my painting and this dinner looks delicious! P.S. I blogged about your noble experiment today !!!

  8. Anonymous8:19 pm

    My compliments to Captain Jorth R.N. on another outstanding blog entry. Pray inform your readers that I regret that the post’s style is related to my current obsession with Horatio Nelson R.N’s biography. My sincerest apologies on numerous quotes from the lengthy tome which appear to have afflicted you most severely. May I most humbly submit that as a cure you gently pace the quarterdeck and in addition keep away from plastic until the affliction passes. Your most faithful

    1st Lieutenant Galumph
    under the command of Captain Jorth R.N.

  9. What wonderful photos! Oh, it's all so're fab!

  10. Anonymous8:30 pm

    bloomin heck you are good!!

  11. Now I have always wanted to make pasta - why haven't I?? No Idea. So do you make loads and store it - for how long?

  12. Shellyc, you do end up making a fair bit. It can be stored for up to two months, not that it lasts that long around here!


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