Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Yes, happy belated Easter wishes to you all! I hope it was as full of chocolate and hot cross buns as you could have wished for. Actually, except in our house. I'm the hot cross bun police, and nobody is allowed to eat any until Good Friday, and if they do they so totally get what for. I think Galumph considers this to be the one downfall of marrying me (at least, I HOPE it's the one downfall). And if you read this, honey, then please take note that I am well aware that you sneak them at work. Oh yes, I have my contacts. WATCH OUT, BUN EATER!

Anyhoo, try not to get chocolate stains on your craft, and enjoy the break!

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  1. God, I love Hot Cross Buns!

    i have no idea when I start eating them, but it's not STRAIGHT AFTER XMAS WHEN THEY START APPEARING IN THE SHOPS, let me tell you.

    Nor do they contain choc-chips ( barf ! )

    But yeah, you are a Nazi, and i'd probably be petitioning for a divorce. Your poor, poor husband ...


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