Friday, April 20, 2007

Got milk?

Day three.
Yes, I do have milk! Hoorah!

Finally the delivery came in to my local indie supermarket. As soon as I spotted the milk sitting in all it's glassy goodness on the shelf, I grabbed five bottles (although now I'm wondering if maybe I should have made it six as the delivery only comes in once a week), plus some yoghurt, cream and quark for good measure. Although I did feel slightly paranoid as I walked home that I probably sounded like a wino, what with all the clinking of glass from the bottom of the pram. Oh, the sacrifices I make!
In other, less joyous new, I have some more eco-confessions: We got some groceries home delivered last night, and despite me requesting that they come in boxes, the butter and eggs came in plastic bags. And the olive oil bottle has a plastic spouty thing on the inside. However, since both of these were entirely unintentional mistakes I refuse to feel too badly over them. How can I, when I have a fridge full of milk?!
Oh, and I paid $11 for 300g of Maffra cheddar cheese yesterday. It's great cheese, but ouch! I shall console my aching wallet with the thought that a little goes a long way thanks to the flavour punch it packs, and it's good to be supporting artisian cheese makers.
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this experiment, whilst noble, is costing me a heap of money.


  1. Anonymous9:00 pm

    is the milk expensive?

  2. Good on you for supporting Maffra cheese! They are friends of my auntie's and lovely people who do the most amazing cheeses. You are a better woman than me on your quest though, I have to say.

  3. ah yes. the reconciliation of the $ aspect of it all. that is where my problem is. how to do the right thing on a budget... would love an assessment on this when you are through...

  4. LOL at sounding liek a wino .. that's always my fear.

    unfortunately, it usually IS wine rolling around in the bottom of my pram - oops.

    Good for you though .. although, as you have found, being 'good' also often hurts the wallet .. which aint great .. and with all this talk of massive food hikes ... we're all in trouble :(

  5. Anonymous8:27 pm

    you are so good - I get real guilt trips reading these posts, but they are making me think more about packaging etc. It is such a shame that good motives often end up costing more - I guess cheap is ugly though!


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