Thursday, April 12, 2007

My wallet is empty, and I am angry

So... do you remember the French lacey jumper that I was going to knit for my sister-in-law? With the fancy schmancy organic non-dyed alpaca wool? Well, I got the wool. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS of it, and did my swatch and gueeeeeeeeees what?
The swatch didn't work. The yarn is just too fine, despite proclaiming to be DK weight.
"Oh ho ho, no fear!" I said to myself. "I'll just go up a needle size!" Alas, that didn't work. So I went up another needle size. Finally, I had my gauge - and I also had lace work with holes so large that my poor old sil's raspberries would have been on show to whole wide world, whether she wanted them to be or not. And it looked like complete crap (for want of a better word).
Excuse me a moment whilst I scream in frustration.
Right, feeling a tad better now. Thank the stars above for Bendigo Woollen Mill, who have come to the rescuse with their alapaca yarn, which does meet gauge on the correct needle size. I could feel a meltdown coming on.
So, to console myself, I began to knit Kim from Rowan Studio One (it's the boobtube thingy). Cos, you know, I really needed another project. Ahem.



  1. how frustrating! nothing worse than a damn fine looking project thwarted - thank goodness for the Bendigo Woollen Mill...

  2. Man .. I want to know what you're doing with $100 of wool ?

    Coz me, I don't understand paying $100 for something I have to MAKE MYSELF.

    Because i'm Scottish and angry like that.

    And this little wastage.
    Would have involved me and a bridge.


    That jumper is still the sexiest little jumper about. I bet the French intended for nipple exposure. Really.

    Ooh la-la !

  3. Yes, a FORTUNE for the wool. But it was for my sister in law, who is really great about babysitting, and just wonderful in general, and I wanted it to be speeeeeeeeecial, sob sob sob.

    Plus, I've learnt from bitter experience that if you go cheap on fabric/yarn for a garment, you end up with something that you're not really happy with, and never end up wearing, so it's not only a waste of money but of time, too!

  4. Anonymous12:20 pm

    What's that fit we have when this happens called again? I think I'd be having one about now. And I agree about the cheap wool, if it's any consolation. . . .

  5. That IS a lot of money, but your knitting/sizing skills are up to it, whereas mine are not. That is really horrid, having paid for CRAP yarn.

    Still, you haven't lost your sense of humour, which is a good sign.....

  6. Snap! I'm knitting cables with Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca (in Havana) (the colour, not the town) right now too.

    Luurrve it.


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