Monday, August 05, 2013

Wrapping up for winter

The head of the Committee For Ensuring Winter Sewing Projects Are Completed peered over his half-moon glasses at Jorth, and asked in his stenorous voice "Are you completely and utterly certain that you will get all of the planned sewing and knitting projects for your daughter completed by the end of winter, namely one more dress, the finishing of the cabled shawl and the Sea Princess cardigan?"

Jorth thought of the lovely fabric she had picked out for the Josephine dress, and felt the itch in her fingers to get started on the project. She was also dying to begin knitting the cardigan, and that shawl was so close to finished that she wasn't even worried about it anymore. So standing tall she looked the committee head straight in the eye and declared that yes - all projects would be done by winter's end.

"Fine!", sighed the committee head. "26 days and counting. You'd better hop to it, young lady!"


So that's my challenge - sort out those pesky winter projects and have a clean slate for summer. I've got dresses planned - lots and lots of loverly dresses! Bring on the sunshine!


  1. Well, it seems that Brisbane decided Spring is coming now. Next weekend we are expecting a high of 26, so after procrastinating all throughout July, I packed away the winter sewing that I didn't get too and started on a skirt for Spring :-)

  2. My winter sewing plans are flying away from me too. Lovely fabric.

  3. Yep, my winter list needs to get a wriggle on too! It's so hard not to think of lovely summer dresses already :-)


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