Friday, August 23, 2013

Say hello to spots!


"I'm free!" squealed the spotted fabric with obvious relief. "Free from the confines of the cupboard. Seriously, I thought I would never get out. Four years I've been trapped in there, lying neglected in the fabric stash, watching wistfully as other fabrics came and went. But now my moment of glory has come. No longer shall I have to remain hidden away, wishing that I, too, was being made into a summer dress. I shall shine in the sun with the best of them!

"Just between you and me, I was beginning to fear for my sanity, being stuck in there all that time. Had she forgotten about me? Was I not good enough? Truly, folks - I was beginning to get a bit, well, dotty!"

"But you are..." began a brocade, confused by the lack of self-identity shown by the fabric when Sabrina the dressmakers dummy shushed her. "Let it go, ducks. Just.Let.It.Go."

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  1. :-) this is what I love about blogging ... I just can't stop giggling :-)


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