Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grey leaves part two

Ach! I couldn't help myself. The siren call of making the Flora layered leaf skirt was too much for this knitter to resist! Despite the previous unravelling, despite the faulty pattern, despite the fact that winter is almost over and I really should be thinking about summer knits I am determined to conquer this thing. I will own it! Well, technically, Tyger will own the actual skirt, but I will own the knitting, dammit!

Grey Leaves

And besides, knitted leaves are fun! Oh dear, it's official - you truly are old when you prefer to stay home to knit leaves for crying out loud than go out and get sweaty on a dance floor. Gulp!


  1. Hey, watch it, kiddo. I've preferred to do that for years. But you need to add a good bottle of wine and a good DVD series to the mix ;)

  2. So long as your hair colour doesn't match that knitting you're all right!
    Anyway, that is yarn art and it's incredible.

  3. I love a knitted skirt and this one is awesome.

  4. Looks amazing. It also looks like a C again. This time upside down.


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