Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lessons in biscuit economy

Chocolate crackle biscuits

Even though our family budget might currently be tighter than a coffin nail I always find that life is far more bearable if the biscuit tin is full.

It's also far more economical to have those treats awaiting in their tin of blue. Truly - it only costs a few dollars to make a batch of biscuits, but it can save HEAPS! For example:

Friends want to go out for lunch? Invite them around to eat your biscuits instead!

Saw that dress you love in the window of the shop where the price tags usually have at least three zeros on the end? Keep the money in your wallet and come home and eat biscuits instead!

Ran out of bread for toast in the morning? Thank heavens you've got those biscuits! (Try not to do that one on purpose)

Yup, life is better and cheaper with biscuits. Especially these double chocolate crackle cookies, from the Meat Free Monday cookbook. They're so good that you'll never want to go anywhere and spend money when you can stay in and eat these instead!


  1. It is true, also baking with the kids is an activity that you don't have to pay for :-)

  2. I agree. The biscuits and slice barrel is better when full, if only I could keep it that way and wasn't the main person doing the munching.

  3. They look yum! I wanna try your homebaked biscuits~

  4. Anonymous3:21 am

    Yum, making these today! The pennies are screaming from being pinched so tight around here as well. A nice sweet takes the burn away, I agree.


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