Thursday, August 22, 2013

Monthly menu plan - August/September


We're already in the tail-end of August? And it's nearly September? Once again the year is slipping by. Soon it will be summer, and all I'll want to eat is cool tomatoes and juicy mangos, but there's still a few chilly days left yet until that happens. So - to the plan: I've snuck in a few wintry favourites. Got to enjoy them while I can still can!

Week One:
Monday - Chilli tofu and vegetable stir fry on brown rice
Tuesday - Thai red lentil and pumpkin soup
Wednesday - Zucchini and lemon pasta with big fat garden salad
Thursday - Tomato and capsicum soup with Irish soda bread, slathered in fresh butter
Friday - Lentil and chickpea burgers with red cabbage coleslaw
Saturday - Roast pork with vegetables, followed by pannacotta with berry coulis
Sunday - Pea soup with salad baguettes

Week Two:
Monday - Potato and pea samosas with garden salad
Tuesday - Beef and beer stew with garlicky mashed potatoes
Wednesday - Leek and ricotta tart with green salad
Thursday - Spicy cauliflower, lentil and bean pilaf with minted yoghurt
Friday - Pizza night! Probably roast potato, and capsicum and mushroom with rocket
Saturday - Vegetarian shepherd's pie with parmesan beans on the side
Sunday - Roast chicken with lots of vegetables

Week Three:
Monday - Chicken and tofu laksa (using left over roast chicken)
Tuesday - Farro risotto with roasted pumpkin and spinach
Wednesday - Chunky minestrone with garlic bread
Thursday - Pappardelle with cavolo nero and side salad
Friday - Beef and lentil burgers
Saturday - Individual asparagus lasagnes with garden salad
Sunday - Bangers and bean stew with roasted vegetable couscous

Week Four:
Monday - Spicy bean burritos with salsa and guacamole
Tuesday - Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with chunky tomato and lentil sauce
Wednesday - Dhal with mango lassis
Thursday - Curried cauliflower soup with olive cornbread
Friday - Home made fish and chips with salads
Saturday - Ratatouille pies with salad


  1. I started following your blog for the sewing, but I am loving your monthly meal plans! You have inspired me to vegefy my meal plans - for health and sustainability. Thanks!

  2. If only I could be as organised. I have a vegetarian daughter so it's great to get some menu ideas.


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