Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sabrina in Miette

Sabrina In Miette

"Oooooh!" said Sabrina gratefully as the semi-completed Miette was draped upon her. "Yes, I do like this! I don't think I've ever had a knitted object on my person before. How very delightful - I wonder what Jorth is up to now?"

"Excuse me miss, but it's the Miette cardigan. For the knit-a-long!" piped up one brave cable needle.

Silence fell in the room. Being relatively new to the sewing/knitting bureau the poor old cable needle didn't know that to interrupt Sabrina was paramount to sedition, but everything else in the room knew the fact only too well, and held their collective breaths anxiously.

"Do not disturb my enjoyment of this soft knitted delight with your impertinence!" scolded Sabrina, but without much malice, as she couldn't summon up too much anger with such delectable yarny goodness warming her shoulders.

The general consensus in the room was that the cable needle had gotten off very lightly indeed. That Sabrina was usually one tough broad!


  1. whaaa am I supposed to have started already??

  2. Nope - i just began mine early so I could troubleshoot the pattern for you all. Cos I am AWESOME like that!

  3. phwoar! It looks amaze-balls! That lucky duck Sabrina. I can't wait to get stuck in to the knit-a-long!

  4. I had lots of catchup to do on your blog. Ô still and always, you are a magician of beauty. <3


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