Monday, July 22, 2013

Liberty winner


Helllooooo! Check out that double chocolate cherry cheesecake. At least, what's left of it. Burp! So good. Too good. I now have a cheesecake gut. Oh vell... you only get a birthday once a year. Thank goodness. Otherwise I might have a cheesecake gut... and a cheesecake booty...and a cheesecake earlobe...and I'll stop now. Before it gets totally ridiculous (cheesecake gnathion, anybody?)

Anyway, enough bumf about cheesecakes. You're here for the winner announcement, ja? Well thanks to random number generator, the winner of the Liberty fabric is comment #103, which is Amanda. Lucky girl! Thanks to everybody for joining in - I've found some very awesome new-to-me blogs to add to my reading list. That's ace!

Right. I have to go and do something very important now. Like prod myself continuously in the belly and marvel at how rapidly cheesecake turns into undesired fat storage. This could take hours!


  1. Congratulations to Amanda!
    Can you save a piece of cheesecake for me??

  2. Congratulations Amanda! And me for cheesecake too please!

  3. That Liberty fabric is gorgeous! My goodness, I'm so sad I missed on the giveaway (though with 132 comments, I don't feel like I missed out on too much of a chance to win! haha) but congrats to Amanda!

    And happy (late) birthday to you my dear!!


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