Monday, July 15, 2013

Holiday knitting

Hello! Did you miss me? We've been away for a glorious week at the beach and of course I snuck a bit of knitting in whilst we were there. Are you ready to be blown away by how much I did? Then feast your eyes, reader!


Hmm... it looks bigger in real life, I swear. Oh, okay, okay - I did bugger all besides that feeble effort. But what I lacked in high quality knitting time I more than made up with in 8km barefoot beach walks, long sessions at the kitchen table gazing out the window at the majestic scenery whilst nursing an endless succession of cups of tea, and plenty of recharging. After coughing for a month straight, I needed a few days of STOP. And it was goooooood!

School's back today. Ye olde routine has begun again. Sigh...wouldn't it be nice if holidays could last just that little bit longer? Not forever, because then I would get bored but I wouldn't say no to another week, that's for sure.

Oh, and I may have developed a slight addiction to watching the Tour de France. I finally get it - that's why people have televisions, so they can watch hours and hours of incredible French scenery. And handsome cyclists. Phwoar!


  1. sorry but men in lycra do not do it for me!
    I love the beach in winter, glad you have recharged.
    lovely knitting, great colour

  2. Sounds like had an awesome holiday, with just the right balance of relaxation, beach walking and tea servings. My sons always watched Tour de France all day, and the youngest of 8 would know all the riders names and even be able pronounce their names correctly and pair them to the right team. I usually only watched the one hour summary.

  3. The scenery is amazing on the Tour. We have coverage in the UK pretty much all afternoon so I have it on in the background whilst working on my laptop. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. It sounds perfect.

  4. winter beach trips are the best. The Best. there's something very nurturing and re-energising about the ocean in Winter.


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