Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monthly menu plan - July/August


Winter. I'm thinking lentils. And stews. And cream. Lots of cream, the calories be damned! Besides, I'm sure I'm burning enough just trying to keep warm. It's freezing at the moment! What else... baked potatoes. Oh, yes please! We had them last night, and good doesn't even come close to describing them. Awesome gets close. Magnificent wouldn't be a word out of place. Yup, I think we need to have them again.

"This is all very well and good", I can hear you saying, "but what's with the oranges, Jorthy?" I'm glad you asked. The oranges, my dear friends, would be for my crepes suzette birthday breakfast. Yum!

Week One:
Monday - Ricotta and spinach cannelloni with lentil and tomato sauce
Tuesday - Baked potatoes with sour cream, cheese and red cabbage coleslaw
Wednesday - Bacon and vegetable lentil soup
Thursday - Zucchini pasta with salad
Friday - Birthday dinner! Still haven't decided what to have for main, but I think a double choc cherry cheesecake is a must for dessert.
Saturday - Beef and rosemary casserole
Sunday - Ricotta gnocchi with tomato sauce, baked in ramekins with mozzarella

Week Two:
Monday - Pea and lettuce soup with pumpkin bread
Tuesday - Celery and silverbeet pie with salad
Wednesday - Spaghetti bolognaise (put half sauce in freezer)
Thursday - Thai sweet potato soup and lentil soup with vegetable pilaf
Friday - Chicken and lentil korma with cauliflower
Saturday - Coconut baked fish with home made wedges and green salad
Sunday - Home made ravioli with tomato sauce

Week Three:
Monday - Indian cauliflower and chickpea curry on brown rice with raspberry lassis
Tuesday - Salmon and leek tart with garden salad
Wednesday - Hearty vegetable soup with chickpeas
Thursday - Mushroom, herb and spinach fettuccini
Friday - Home made pizza
Saturday - Roast chicken with vegetables galore
Sunday - Roasted pumpkin risotto

Week Four:
Monday - Creamy chicken pasta, using left-over roast chicken
Tuesday - White bean and vegetable soup with garlic baguettes
Wednesday - Huevos rancheros with corn bread
Thursday - Baked potatoes with bolognaise sauce (from freezer, used in week two)
Friday - Cauliflower and parmesan soup
Saturday - Beef and beer stew with herbed dumplings, served on sweet potato mash
Sunday - Tacos with winter greens

Week Five:
Monday - Black-eyed bean and vegetable soup
Tuesday - Lamb, apricot and prune tagine with roasted vegetable couscous
Wednesday - Broccolini and chilli spaghetti with pangrattato
Thursday - Cauliflower and lentil pilaf
Friday - Veggie burgers with wedges

What's everybody else cooking? I need ideas!


  1. I'm impressed about how organised you are. One question though. To which degree do you follow the plan? I ask this because in my case we do weekly meal plans and weekly grocery shopping, but often we change plans or something comes up and one or two days we will not have for dinner what was planned. What we do have is the ingredients for a nice but different meal.

  2. Hi Balles Bazaar - We follow the plan 95% of the time. Yes, things come up, so I just try and use ingredients pre-purchased in another way i.e. cook up a soup to have for lunch, put in freezer etc. I find life so much easier with my monthly menu plan!

  3. I plan dinners weekly and plan the grocery shopping at the same time. Have to say our menu is nowhere near as varied as yours. I do try to plan a new recipe every other week or so, and am always needing inspiration, so will have to investigate some of your links!!


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