Friday, March 02, 2012

Striped Sweater Done

Striped Sweater

The stork was not a happy chappy. He'd flown all the way across oceans and continents, down to the bottom of mainland Australian, navigating trade winds, power lines and dodgy street signs, and had finally found the correct house, and guess what? They didn't even have a bloody chimney!

With a very disgruntled sigh he began tapping on the window with his beak. Jorth, awakened rudely from an excellent dream involving both unlimited credit at her favourite yarn shop and scones with jam and cream, opened up the window in a sleepy daze, and was almost knocked over by the stork as he clambered inside.

Before Jorth could utter a word, the stork unfurled his impressive wings and waved one accusingly at her, saying in a grumpy voice "Oi! There's been a wee little boy relative born in Switzerland, you know!"

Under the stork's beady gaze, Jorth felt she should probably answer, so began to say "Yes, I know, his name's..."

"Don't bore me with trifling details" snapped the stork. "I didn't fly all the way down here to discuss niceties. The lad needs a hand knit - have you got one for him?"

"Oh!" said Jorth. "I thought storks delivered babies, not hand knits."

"I'm a Special Delivery Operative", replied the stork. Preening his feathers he said with a touch of pride, "Any old bird can deliver a baby where there is one wanted - why, you can practically see the longing colour the air above the house! But only a special bird, such as myself, can spot a house where somebody will have a hand knit prepared to welcome a new child into the world. Speaking of, hand it over, would you? I've got a polar easterly to catch.

Jorth handed over the small striped sweater she had finished only the day before, and the stork gently took it in his beak, murmured a quick "Ta!" before leaning out the window, spreading his great wings and flying away.

Project Details
Pattern: Striped Sweater from The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss, size 6 - 9 months
Yarn: 2 balls Baby Cashmerino in shade #204 (pale blue) and 1 ball Baby Cashmerino in shade #009 (light brown)
Needles: 3.25mm and 3.75mm
Notions: 6 buttons (which I haven't put on yet, as I haven't found the perfect ones. Just as well it's really being sent by post, not stork!)

This would have to be the quickest knit I have ever done! It took three days all up to knit, with another couple of hours to complete the neckband and seaming.

I really enjoyed knitting this - I always love knitting stripes, and feel I knit them up much quicker than a plain knit, as I just keep saying to myself "Oh, do one more stripe. Ok, maybe just one more!" and lo! Before you know it I have the whole thing done. I have a feeling that this will be my go to knit for babies. I especially love the buttoned neckline, which makes it nice and easy to get the garment over the bub's head.

Just a quick hint, in case you are thinking of making one yourself: I just managed to sneak the knit out of the one ball of brown yarn in the Baby Cashmerino. I got a bit nervous, thinking I would run out and have to start a new ball, but I got there with about 20cm of yarn to spare. Phew!

Oh, and since we're on the subject of storks, you may want to check out my favourite ever stork clip! (what? doesn't everybody have one of those?) Ahh, you can never go wrong with Pixar.


  1. This sweater is very pretty! I like how you encourage yourself with the stripes!

  2. So very very sweet! The colours are perfect.

    I'm like that with cables - "just one more"!

  3. That is very very cute. Do storks normally come down the chimney or is there some stork/santa confusion here? Seems unlikely they would drop their helpless infant bundles down into a roaring fire...

  4. Deadlycraft,

    Since storks often live on rooftops, they have long been associated with delivering the babies down the chimney.

  5. *sigh* Debbie Bliss - gorge *sigh*


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