Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pom Pom Garland!

Pom Poms #1

Jorth and Galumph were inspecting a new house. On the surface, it appeared to have everything - private swimming pool, entertainment room with cinema seating, sensor switches that played Chopin every time you entered a room etc etc - but Jorth still felt like something was missing.

As she and Galumph stood in the ballroom, admiring the Steinway grand piano that came with the house, Jorth suddenly exclaimed "I've got it! I know what it's missing!"

"Tell me!" begged Galumph, who for the the life of him couldn't figure out what could be missing in a house where even the door hinges were covered in gold leaf.

"Pom pom garlands!" answered Jorth. "Luckily, I came prepared!" Dashing off to grab her bag of pom poms from her bike, she reentered the house, and then busily set about strewing poms pom garlands about the room. "There!" she said happily as the last pom pom was hung just so. "I might consider buying the place now!"

Pom Poms #2

Ha! No, we're not really in the market for a fancy schmancy house with all the trimmings - I'm quite content with out little tiny place, thank you very much. But I am going a wee bit crazy for pom pom-based decoration since writing an article for Mum's Business on how to make your own pom pom garland. At last count I've made 77 pom poms. Yikes - that's a whole lotta garlands! Too much for my itsy bitsy house. School fete, here I come!


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