Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The 2012 Crafting Olympics

Green Knitting

Bob adjusted his chair in the commentators booth, and then looked over at his companion. "Are you ready?" he asked, before taking one last swig of coffee.
"Ready!" answered Jean-Luc as he straightened his bow tie.

Bob carefully tilted his microphone before hitting the 'ON' switch and began announcing.

"Hello folks, and welcome today to the Crafting Olympics. We're your hosts Bob the Bobbinator and Jean-Luc, Master of Macramé. We've got a lot of textile based action in front of us, so make yourself comfortable as we bring you all the latest news and results from the 2012 Winter Crafting Olympics!

"The crafter we are looking at today is Jorth, who is competing for the first time in the Knitted Dress Marathon. I must say, she's gotten off to a tremendous start - she's three quarters through the front already. Excellent form, excellent form."

Jean-Luc took his turn at the mike. "Any injuries we need to be aware of, Bob?"

"None so far. We do know that she has previously suffered from sore wrists, but she has appeared to have changed her knitting training schedule, and is now using circular needles to cope with the weight of the growing garment. Sound strategy, and in a race like this it's all about your strategy."

"It certainly is", answered Jean-Luc, "and she does seem to have started out strong. Still, it's early days yet, and as much as I hate to disparage any crafting athlete, we must remember that she has a habit of starting out well, but then falling over at the halfway mark. Anybody remember the great yoga wrap saga of 2011? She took two years to complete that marathon!"

"Whoooeeee!" replied Bob. "I bet that's one knitting season she'd like to forget. Still, unlike your conventional athletes, crafters only get better with age, and she seems much more focused and in her game this year. Besides, it's always the unpredictable ones that are the best to watch. Say what you like about her staying power, Jean-Luc, but for me Jorth and her knitted dress are the ones I'm going to watch."

Anybody else out there giving themselves an Olympian-style crafting challenge this year? I'm not only competing in the Knitting Marathon, but shall also be trying out for the Queen Sized Quilt Stitchathalon and the Finish That Darn Coat I Cut Out Last Year Sewing Race. Leave a comment if you have a project you'd love to compete in do, and we can cheer each other on!


  1. Surely you're on the road to GOLD GOLD GOLD!!! And dare I add "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi"!! (or is that just too daggy these days....)

  2. Ooh it's looking lovely already- that colour is fab!

  3. Love it. I think I'll be competing in the Finish That Darn Quilt For Eldest Son Before He Grows Out Of Thinking Frogs Are Cool event.
    Sounds like you will have that dress finished before it's even wintry enough to wear it!

  4. Anonymous7:31 pm

    :D hilarious! never though about it but now i will consider an olympic challenge ;) love the green!

  5. Good start! I am engaging in the Make Your Own Bra Triathlon (three events: actually buy the stuff, work out how to make one, then make another which is actually pretty). I am heading for a did not finish compared to your flying start, as I have so far only been a bit bamboozled by some websites...

  6. What an amazing emerald green you have on your needles. I think I'll take a spectator's stance on the olympic challenge but will cheer you on all the way!

  7. Hi - check out this project here
    We are making a mile of woolly bunting to welcome the torch to Dover on 18 July.


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