Wednesday, February 15, 2012

See if you can spot it!

"Hiya honey!" chirped Jorth down the phone line. "Can you pick up a few things from the supermarket on your way home?"

"Of course", said the Galumph, scrambling for a pen. "What do we need?"

"Some milk, bread, Champagne, caviar, a dozen freshly shucked oysters..."

"Er, sweetie? I think Valentine's Day was yesterday" said a somewhat flummoxed Galumph.

"Oh, I know that, you silly duffer!", replied Jorth affectionately. "It's just that the most amazing thing has happened, and we simply must celebrate it!"

"Don't tell me!" said the Galumph excitedly. "They've perfected womb-transplant technology, and we'll finally be able to give the Tyger a much longed for sibling?"

"Not quite. I fear I am going to be wombless forever. Nah, guess again!"

"Some rich old relative we don't actually know has died and left their entire fortune to us?"


"Ottobre design team has been so impressed with your sewing that they are hiring you as a creative consultant and we'll all get to live in Finland for a year?"

"Oh, I wish! One final guess."

Galumph racked his brains, but the best he could come up with was "Somebody wants to publish your book?"

"Honey, I've got to finish writing it first. No, the reason for celebrating is that I have just done the most perfect invisible seaming ever! Aren't you excited? It's perfect - you can't see it at all"

"Is this a knitting thing?" asked the bewildered Galumph.

"Yup! It's official - I am a knitting master! Now, must dash. Don't forget the champas!" And with that Jorth rang off.

In his office the Galumph hung up his phone, bemused. "Well", he thought to himself, "she does say that everyday contains a celebration in it somewhere!"

Invisible Stitching


  1. Nice work. I'm seriously impressed!

  2. The joy of Mattress Stitch - RIGHT? I have got to be right - because that's what prompted me to exclaim wildly to my Mr...

  3. I too am impressed and glad that someone else gets so excited by something noone else can see that they want to drink sparkle :) You should have been at my place when I worked out / discovered "jogless" joins for arigurumi colour changes while crocheting :)

  4. You are definitely a knitting queen. :-)

  5. There's a seam there? You're joking right?


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