Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Jorth and Galumph were snuggled into bed, slowly drifting off to sleep. It had been a busy few days of non-stop doll making for Jorth, and she was looking forward to getting some well deserved shut-eye. As she headed into slumber land, the usual house noises comforted her tired mind, like a lullaby composed of softly thudding water pipes and the distant ding ding of a homeward bound tram.But suddenly Jorth sat bolt upright, clutching the bedsheets to her in fear. Another noise had disturbed her - one that was a jarring note in all that was familiar. She sat silently - well, silently apart from the racket being made by her beating heart - and strained her ears to figure out what it may be. With a gasp she realised that it was voices, and in fright she shook Galumph, whispering urgently into his ear "Quick! Wake up - I think there's somebody in the house!"

To her dismay, but not to her surprise, Galumph merely grunted in his sleep, rolled over and began to snore with even greater vigour. "Drat it!" thought Jorth. "Why do I always have to be the brave one?"

She quietly slid out of the bed, and cast around the dim room for something to protect herself with. Being the bedroom of a crafter, it was rather devoid of serious weapons, so arming herself with a roll of calico and praying that she didn't have to use it, she crept out of the room and into the lounge.

What had appeared initially to be the murmur of voices was now made clear to be a song. Jorth stood quietly, scarcely daring to breath, listening to the strange voices softly and slowly singing a curious, hypnotic tune. She found herself almost being drawn into the spell, and it was with the utmost effort that she broke herself free of the magic, and turned on the light, brandishing her calico and shouting "Gotcha!"

"Oh hello, Jorth!" said a red-haired doll. "I do hope we didn't wake you. Just a bit of rehearsal, you see."

Jorth stood in bewilderment. "What the devil is going on here?" she asked, staring in amazement at the 10 dolls gathered on the couch in front of her.

"We're practising for the school fete!", answered the red-haired number chirpily. "Would you like to hear it? Ok, ladies, let's take it from the top!" And without further ado the dolls launched noisily into song:

Ging or brunette
We're a purchase you won't regret!
So buy us, buy us!
Raise funds for the school.
Buy us, buy us!
We're cuddly and cool!

Jorth stood in a state of stupefaction, although whether due to the magic of the song, or the atrociousness of the lyrics, it was hard to tell. Shaking her head to clear her befuddlement she gave a start before demanding in relieved fury "Gah! Do you have any idea what sort of fright you gave me?"

"I'll tell you what's frightful", said a brown-haired doll. "The state of my bottom, that's what. Do make sure you sew us up before taking us to the fete." Suddenly struck by inspiration she trilled

"We won't bring in nuthin'
If the punters can see our stuffin'!"

Jorth groaned at this addendum to the song before snapping "Go to sleep, and keep quiet, for the love of sewing. Seriously, the sooner this fete day comes, the better." And with that she stomped angrily off to bed.



Dolls made using the excellent tutorial from 70 piggies.


  1. They are just gorgeous, I wish I could come and buy one from the school fair. There will be some lucky girls (and boys) out there :)

  2. Not only is that brunette wearing red flashing her stuffing but I think she may have twisted a bone while dancing, her leg looks a bit wonky!

  3. Oh dear... it appears I need to work on my product placement skills!

  4. Anonymous9:10 pm

    I'm sure the gossip mags would pay good money for a shot like that!

  5. Anonymous1:27 am

    Any school fair would be happy to have these beautiful handcrafted dolls.
    Your daughter will be very proud of her mother!.

  6. Holy cow, these are too cute! You're a supermom!

  7. Ack! Too cute and funny. They look fantastic! How busy you've been!

  8. Did someone spike your drink last night? Seriously, they all look adorable - lucky school and kids!!!

  9. Oh so adorable!

  10. Hola ,espero que me puedas entender hace poco he descubierto tu blog ,es realmente chulisimo eres una perfecionista si me lo permites decirtelo me encanta todo lo que haces y el punto parece hecho a maquina(que envidia me das)
    Un saludo

  11. Anonymous1:06 am

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