Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is there such a thing as too much yarn?


"C'mon troops!" yelled out Jorth desperately. "Rally round and help me close the cupboard door!"

Her husband and daughter dutifully dropped whatever they were doing and ran to help Jorth barricade the door. But it was no use - whatever was straining against the other side was desperate to come out, and with a magnificent whooooooosh the contents spilled out all over the room, covering the three as they were knocked to the ground by the force.

"Is this... knitting wool?" cried the Galumph in disbelief as he plucked a ball of Kelly green merino off his head.

"Careful!" cried out Jorth. "That's for the dress I'm going to make this winter. It's the perfect green - do you know how hard that is to find?!?"

"Well, what about this, Mum?" asked the Tyger as she pushed off the hot pink Debbie Bliss yarns that were covering her.

"That's for a lacy jumper I'm making for myself" answered Jorth.

The Tyger looked at her in disgust. "Is any of this wool" she asked, gesturing to the yarn that had flown all over the room, "any of it, even one measly ball, intended for me?"

Jorth looked guiltily around the room. "Er, no." she admitted. "That's hidden away in the other cupboard."

"Right!" said the Galumph exasperatedly. "You, young lady, had better get knitting before I ring my attorney and find out if hording too much yarn is adequate grounds for divorce!"

Jorth, feeling rather abashed at how much yarn she actually had (you never realise until it all flies out at you like that!) put it all away, and resolved to herself that an immediate stash busting must commence.

Once she had left the room the hot pink Debbie Bliss yarn looked around at the other balls smugly and said "That, my dears, is the only way to get yourself knitted up. Works a treat every time!"


  1. There is definitely NOT such a thing as too much yarn. Imagine if society collapses tomorrow - you will be well placed to knit up a storm of self sufficiency :)

    And yes, that is the perfect green...

  2. Ah, a woman after my own heart!
    “It’s for the nuclear winter, honey! You can thank me later!”

  3. It is all perfectly acceptable. If bird flu mutates again and we are confined to our homes for a year or so, I have enough toilet paper and pantry supplies to survive, enough unwatched DVDs to keep me occupied and enough yarn and fabric to keep me crafting. Just can't risk running out of any of those things...
    Your partner just needs to find a hobby that matches in financial outlay. My hubby bike rides so it works out to be a good exchange for sewing and knitting. He does worry that he might smother under a pile of yarn one day though. (But I am sure that his bike riding lungs would help him survive until help arrived)

  4. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I agree with Tas. I'm encouraging my husbands new found interest in pottery. If he's busy buying wheels and kilns and clay and stuff...he's not paying the slightest bit of attention to what I'm doing!

    And I'd keep an eye on the pink Debbie Bliss...seems a bit minxy to me!

  5. That is indeed a delicious green. My husband keeps muttering about clearing out the built-in wardrobes. I keep putting him off bc I need AT LEAST 24 hours access to without him present so I can shift all the stash he doesn't know about.

  6. I agree. No such thing. The only acception is if there is too much cheapo yukky stuff in the stash. And there's nothing wrong with multiple projects on the go either.

  7. You can never have too much yarn! Or fabric for that matter.....

  8. I can't believe you asked such a question. Of course there's no such thing as too much yarn...Says the fellow yarn addict ;D

    I didn't know how much yarn I really had until a recent move. My Gosh, I had to admit that it was a bit much.


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