Friday, June 25, 2010

You are the sunshine of my life


Yesterday, on Grumble's last day of being 5, we walked to school happily chatting about what a big year being 5 has been for her, and all the things that she has achieved.

"I learnt to ride a bike by myself!"
"And a scooter"
"And to swim! And we went on an aeroplane!"
"That's right, Tiger. And do you remember that we went on a train under the water - and even a train on a boat?"
"That's crazy! And we went to Switzerland! And to the zoo!"
"Not sure that I'd put those two in the same category, but yes, we did. And you started school this year."
"And now I can read! And write!"
"You sure can, honey. And you got to meet your English Great-Grandparents..."
"Groff and Gram-Gram! And I was sick on the aeroplane - I remember that!"

And so on we walked, happily reminiscing about all the things that Grumbles had done that year for the very first time. Although, by the end of the walk we were somewhat running out of achievements. I believe the last one she came up with was this:

"And I learnt to lick the cheese sauce out of the saucepan!"

Oh my darling girl. Don't ever change! I am as proud as punch to be your mum, and to be lucky enough to experience the untrammelled delight that every moment with you brings.

And thank you, God, for allowing me to stick around to watch my little girl grow up. I'm so glad that I was able to wrestle with death that day, and win. I wouldn't have missed being with Grumbles for the world.

Happy 6th birthday, my love.


  1. Just read the birth story, in absolute tears. What a lovely little walk to school that sounds like.

  2. Geez that birth story had my heart beating faster and faster even though I know you ended up ok! You are such an amazing mum. Grumbles is a very lucky girl that you were so strong and stuck around!

    Happy Birthday Grumbles!

  3. What a wonderful list of achievements Grumbles has ticked off in the last year...especially the cheese sauce talent! Love it!

  4. Anonymous5:27 pm

    They grow up just way too fast don't they? My daughter turning 3 this year is hard enough ... But 6? Wowsers, I think I'd cry!

  5. Tanya9:03 pm

    Happy Birthday. What a lovely way to celebrate listing achievemnets. Mine are 12 and 13 now and yes the time flies. Motherhood never gets less special, just changes and you are needed in different ways....

  6. Fantastic list of achievments this year, sure beats most people's lists. I'm guess she already knew about licking the cake bowl?

  7. Happy Birthday Grumbles! What a dear sweet girl. :)

  8. Happy birthday sweetie! I'm glad you're still around too, wouldn't miss those pirate jokes you tell at work for the world! ;)

  9. Happy birthday Grunbles!
    Enjoy all those wonderful days and conversations Jorth. My daughter is now 27 and no longer living at home but I LOVE the talks we have. (only they are now frequently late night over a glass of vino!)
    Never miss an opportunity to hug and say you love them.

  10. happy birthday grumbles. what a lovely birthday reflection.

    just read the birth story. oh. my. goodness. that is one hell of a story! I'm a little lost for words.

  11. Happy 6th Birthday to Grumbles way to go girl! Her birth story and your survival are amazing and had me in tears. It's astounding how dangerous birthing can still be. Congratulations on making it through the first 6 hours, days and years and best wishes for an uneventful 60 odd years to come. You deserve it after such a start.

  12. Happy sixth, little sweetie. All the sweeter for your Mum's fight to stick around and see it with you!

  13. Just to let you know that I've tagged you - see my latest post for details.

  14. Hi there, I've been googling knitting patterns and cam across a sweater you made about 4 years ago- a yoga wrap from vogue knitting- and I love it! Any chance you still have the pattern?

  15. Hi thinkingoutloud, you can find the pattern at Vogue Knitting's webstore here:

    Hope that helps!

  16. Happy Birthday, kiddo! What a milestone! :D

  17. Ingrid10:43 pm

    Happy belated to Grumbles!! I just realised she is exactly 1 year older than my daughter. My little darling starts school next term. Sigh.


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