Monday, June 07, 2010

Organisation is the key!


It hasn't taken me long to figure out that the difference between a happy working Jorth and a nasty, grumpy, mean-tempered working Jorth is having a good supply of dinners tucked away into the freezer. Because, honestly, nothing will put me in a fouler mood than spending all day on my feet, and then having to come home and cook - particularly when it's wet and dark, and poor old Grumbles and I have had a 20 minute walk home in the freezing winter gloom.

And if I have to do dishes before I cook, then watch out - I am definitely not pleasant to be around (yes, it's a fault, I'm working on it!) So what I do now is to make double batches of any soups/lasagnes/casseroles that I'm making and have then waiting on standby for nights when I've worked.

It's heaven! All I have to do is pop whatever it is in the oven, and then whilst we wait Grumbles and I cuddle on the couch, catch up on each other's days, and if we are feeling particuarly industrious we even do her reader. And peace and harmony reigns once more.

Although, if all else fails, there is always omlettes...


  1. Anonymous12:12 am

    Oh I am exactly the same! When I'm not organised everything falls apart psychologically!

    My freezer has heaps of frozen dinners. A big staple for me is frozen baked veges. If I bake veges, I can do something else while they're baking - I do two full trays, eat some and puree the rest and store in containers. At any time I've got roasted vege spread for on toast or sandwiches (especially bagels!) or can add stock and have roasted vege soup! And I always cook enough for 4 left-over meals to take to work.

    Tonight, I stayed up and made sure that the kitchen was spotless so we all get to have a great day tomorrow. Good grief it's late but I'll hit the ground running happily tomorrow.

  2. It is a pain when the tedium of meal preparation gets in the way of quality time. When I was pregnant with the wee girl I made heaps of double batches, it was a Godsend the first couple of weeks after she was born!

  3. That's what we are having tonight - omelettes! again! My aim is get time to make those dinners for the freezer......

  4. I wish that worked around here. With essentially four adults (actually, worse, cause two are teenagers, both bigger than me, and I am not small :p ), the amount of cooking I have to do to make two meals at a time is ridiculous. My freezer couldn't handle it, lol.


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