Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The disgrunted dummy


Sabrina the ancient dressmaker's dummy gave a deep, disguntled sigh. As was the case for the past few days, the rest of the furniture ignored her. They were well aware of her sewing-based divatude, and had long ago decided the best policy was to ignore her completely.

But Sabrina would not be ignored. She gave another sigh, and then - with a fury that needed to be seen to be believed - burst forth with "Oh, I DO wish that Jorth would hurry up and finish this latest Vogue 8511. She's done the bodice, and put it on me in a rather nice fashion, but then what has she done with the skirt? Nothing, that's what, whilst she dithers about deciding what length to make it. Meanwhile I'm standing here, with nothing but a pinned on skirt front to protect my modesty! Let me tell you, fellow furniture, with this chilly weather we are having an older lady like myself could do with a bit more covering! Is a skirt back too much to ask? Hmmmmm?"

One little piano stool couldn't resist, and piped up "Oh, but dearest, we never hear you complain of the cold when you are naked!"

Sabrina glared at the insolent bench. "None of your cheek, young thing. Let me remind you that your comfy cushion will be flattened before you know it by hours of piano practice. I don't expect we'll be hearing any of your lofty opinions then. And speaking of, I thought Jorth had made a sewing pledge to get this dress finished. It appear to have gone the way of her blogging pledge. Oh she's a flighty one, she is. Gone and bought some Liberty jersey, and all thoughts of me and my needs have flown out the window."

Completely unaware of the conversation taking place, Jorth was getting out her overlocker, having decided that she would make the skirt on the shorter side. If she did hear any sighs from Sabrina she put it down to the wind that was rattling the window panes, and happily got out her scissors, unpinned the skirt front from the dummy (Oh! Sabrina gasped. The cold, cold drafts!) and got to work.


  1. I've been dreaming about the liberty jersey. Simple facts 1) I have to use the fabric I already have 2) this cloth is way overpriced - I'll wait for it to show up on the remants table.

  2. Having just stumbled upon your blog, I really enjoyed this sweet, spunky post! Nicely done, dearie! ;)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I do like this fabric. so cute!
    Don't be scared of the cold weather to wear a short skirt. I'm always hoping to wear it but I care about my age, haha! lol

  4. Listen to the dummy! Loving that fabric! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  5. Cute story!

    But I really really do like that Liberty jersey. Yum.

    Oh, and short is good.

  6. Liberty jersey? Wow! I must be behind the times, I thought they only made tana lawn!

    I try to stay away from the Tessuti site, my Paypal account always looks very miserable afterwards!

  7. I am loving the look of that fabric! Can't wait to see the end result :)


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