Friday, June 04, 2010

Another one in the works

Vogue 8511

Jorth sat back in her chair and took the chewed up greylead pencil out of her mouth with a sigh. In front of her lay a sheet of paper headed Reasons For And Against Making Another Vogue 8511.

In the For column she had written the following:
 - It's the perfect dress for work! Comfy to wear, yet so smart looking. A guaranteed compliment getter!

 - So easy to ride my bike in (see above)

 - Easy to wash, easy to wear

 - It was a remnant piece of the perfect length. That's got to be an 8511 omen!

 - Perfect for autumn, winter and spring. Definitely will get loads of wear.

The Against column was looking a little more skimpy:

 - If I make it too short then I might be flashing some unwittingly exposing my underwear to poor motorists as I ride my bike.

 - This will be my third... it's almost as bad as Vogue 8184. What will people think?

Jorth, brow furrowed and lips pursed, suddenly snatched up the paper and crumpled it, muttering to herself "Damn what people think! It's a great dress, and I'm going to make myself another!" With that she turned to the kitchen table, and with brow suddenly unfurrowing and a smile playing upon her lips, began to cut another one out.


  1. Do it! I love that dress, and hey, if it's too short, wear with leggings whilst riding, or if not, maybe you'll be the highlight of someone's day!!

  2. I really like that dress on you. I'd love to see another of your versions.

    Anyway, it's totally because of you that I have made two of them, myself. AND three V8184's as well. I have to say mine somehow don't look as cool as yours but I wear them all the time, I really do (in fact I wore an 8184 all day at the beach yesterday, which I'll post about sooner or later). So, thanks, and keep it up!

  3. I've used that fabric to make a sleeveless sheath and it's my favourite dress. I love everything about it- the color combination, the print, the texture and drape. It doesn't even need ironing. I always wear it with a string of pearls.

  4. I say you only live once!

  5. Hey, I've got that pattern - I'm inspired to make one too. Do I need another excuse to buy material from Tessuti....well one more purchase or I might see what's in my stash - it's growing....Evelyne.

  6. Make it make it make it make it!!! I love the pattern and am soooooo jealous that you got that fabric! I narrowly missed out and it has been plaguing my dreams ever since.

  7. I too have considered the "how many of these can I possibly have in my wardrobe before people notice that I am wearing the same thing?" idea and came up with 6... plus 1 for a rainy day... plus 1 to save for best... plus 1 just in case...You can't beat an tried and true pattern.


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