Monday, July 12, 2010

Knitting Like Fury

Yikes! I really should have made some annoucement concerning my disappearing act during the school holidays. The truth is, I didn't actually mean to disappear. I had every intention of updating this old blog, but I was just enjoying being with Grumbles so much that I kept thinking "Ach! Blog can wait! I'll do it tomorrow..."

But as James Bond can tell you, tomorrow never comes. Well, not at least until now anyway.

Rest assured, dear readers, that it has not been all lying-on-couch-and-eating-bonbons. In fact, the last two days have been spent knitting like fury. You see, my dear friend had a baby rather unexpectedly (and darn quickly - 3 hours from whoa to go!) four weeks early, and the poor little chap had nothing to wear that would actually fit him, so to rescue came I with an impromptu handknit. Saturday afternoon found me rushing into the city for this:


...and then after knitting for four furious hours on Saturday night (oh yeah baby, we know how to party chez Jorth!) then another four on Sunday morning found me happily wrapping up this:


Ok, so I gave myself sore wrists in the process, but wee little Logan and his warmth needs were worth it. Besides, I can think of no better omen for a happy life than being welcomed into the world with a garment that was made by hands, each stitch done with love, and it was all done just for you.

Project Details
Pattern: Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss, size 0 - 3 months
Yarn: 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Needles: 4.5mm and 5mm

Note: The pattern calls for 4 balls to make the 0 - 3 size, but I used a scant 3 balls, which kinda ticked me off a bit. So be warned - that extra ball is simply not needed, so save yourself the $13.10!


  1. It would make everyone's day if the mother would allow you to post a picture of the new little chap!

    At our yarn store here in Victoria, BC you have 6 months to return unused, unwound balls for a refund.

  2. Gorgeous Cardi! I have used that wool and it is sooo soft. Bub will love it I'm sure.

  3. Gorgeous colour and style - what is it about teeny tiny clothes???

  4. Anonymous8:14 am

    Wow, my daughter found your blog and what a find! Gorgeous knitted top, delicious colour too! Thank you for the lovely pic's.

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous! Lucky babe.

  6. Congrats on another new baby to knit for. The cardigan looks great and you knit it so quickly too. You could always knit a hat or two out of the extra yarn.

  7. That is SO cute! The blue is a gorgeous hue as well.

  8. Aw how beautiful! I actually made this for my wee girl before she was born, but in a variegated cotton. It's such a great cardi!

  9. Wow. That is just gorgeous. Love the colour. Why is everything small jsut so darn cute?

  10. Okay that second to last paragraph was creepy. Did you mean it to be?

    Or was "Omen + just for you" just a coincidence?

  11. Hi Jorth - this is an adorable cardigan - you are a powerhouse to have completed it so quickly!

    P.S.) Thank you for your kind words on my blog...

  12. I'm very impressed you managed to race through three balls of Cashmerino in 8 hours. You have some very fast knitting hands! But what a wonderful gift. So soft - one day I'm going to knit a me-sized cardigan in this wool. When, that is, I have enough pennies and enough time. :)

  13. Anonymous7:24 pm

    How gorgeous. You've done such a beautiful job!

  14. Wonderful! You are a machine!

  15. Wonderful! Love the thick yarn and fat needles for getting through a project at high speed when required :-) Sure to be toasty warm for that special little man.

  16. Anonymous6:38 pm

    ohh I want one just like that for Aidan... alas I cannot knit.

  17. there are no words to embody the brilliance that is you. jorthy, i stand amazed.

  18. The Fetchings fingerless gloves takes one ball of that wool to make. The pattern's on Ravelry.
    (Just in case you were wondering what to do with the extra ball.)


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