Friday, July 23, 2010

Making our own

Grumbles, bless her heart, has decided that this summer she wants me to make all of her clothes for her. In fact, the cheeky monkey has insisted, and has even decreed that she wants to take the Hand Made Pledge (cos hand made is better, Mum!)

Since I took the Hand Made Pledge myself at the beginning of the year, and (apart from one purchase) have made my entire wardrobe this year, who was I to argue? Anything that stops suppporting the ghastly treatment of downtrodden textiles workers is fine by me.

So, even though the Melbourne has been grey and drab and frankly freeeeezing this week, I have begun to get a start on her summer wardrobe. I've had to - she had already outgrown lasts years shorts...last summer. It was all getting a bit too Kylie-in-gold-hotpants-looking, or in other words the kid desperately needs summer clothes pronto! Presenting yet another Three Way Dress from Ottobre Design Magazine 3/2009:

Three Way Dress

And one last reminder: If you haven't already entered, don't forget about the Liberty Jersey birthday giveaway. Hoorah!


  1. Oh that's pretty - the colours are so vibrant.

    I am not thinking about summer yet..I have a long winter list yet to complete.

    Your pretty three way dresses have encouraged me to order that edition of Otto though.

    Take care


  2. beautiful dress, the colours are gorgeous! wish I knew how to sew :)

  3. Galumph6:33 pm

    When I read the title I wasn't sure if this post was appropriate for a crafty blog.

    Grumbles looks great!


  4. Bless the child! She's going to look stunning this summer. :)

  5. Oh wow! I love the fabric you have used and the dress is divine. Wish I was this talented. Maybe in the next life!

  6. Tanya8:31 pm

    Lovely dress Jorth. Wish I could make things look as proffessional as you do. x

  7. Gorgeous dress and great mixing of fabrics. Wait until she is 14 and she not only tells you not to make anything for her, but also not to buy anything. Believe me it hurts!

  8. She's so cute! I want a 3-way dress for me -- would it be easy to draft for adults?

  9. Gorgeous fabric and lucky Grumbles - she looks beautiful. Handmade Pledge - fantastic! Well done Grumbles for wanting to start sewing - it's such a rewarding thing to do, and what a teacher - your mum.

  10. I love, love, love it!

  11. I love her little dress, especially the sleeves and she has the right idea- yay for handmade!


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