Monday, October 06, 2008

Warning: Freak out ahead.


Tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth out. All four. In hospital.

How do I feel about this? I am scared out of my fricken tree. Seriously. The last time I was in hospital, giving birth to Grumbles, I almost so very nearly didn't come out again, so the thought of having to lie on that hospital trolley again, counting down to ten as the anaesthetist does his thing really doesn't appeal. I'm having a mild anxiety attack just typing this.

Even just the smell of a hospital sends a shudder through me.

I'm not worried about the pain. Pain I can handle. It's just the thought of something going horribly wrong that is giving me the willies. I know, I know, it's just a dental procedure - what can wrong? Well, last time I was just meant to pop out a baby, and look how that finished up. Me, lying there, star of my own blood-filled medical tragedy, featuring 5 hours of emergency surgery, 18 blood transfusions, loss of coagulation system and a sub-partial hysterectomy. Yay - happy days!

Whew. Deep breaths.

It's the waiting that's doing me in. The weekend was fine, I was rushing about like a mad woman, cooking pot after pot of soup, and making numerous batches of ice-cream, both of which will see me through the week. But now Grumbles is having her nap, Galumph is at work, and I'm sitting here trying to keep dark thoughts out of my mind. Having a vivid imagination isn't always such a good thing, ya know? Bring on tomorrow and let's get the whole thing over and done with.

Ok, more deep breaths. Sorry for being such a sook.

I just want to wake up, and be ok. I just want to be able to live a long and happy life, growing disgracefully old with my husband, and having the joy of watching my little girl grow up. Please, please God, don't let anything go wrong this time.


  1. I had never been in hospital before having all four of my teeth out in one go. I was pretty nervous, but came out of it OK. Actually, the general anaesthetic was the worst part of it all. I have hard to find veins and the more they dug around, the more they hid. The drugs I was given to use at home are good. I felt like superwoman on them. I barely use Panadol so was probably off my face. You will look puffy, but you'll be fine. Put orders in for soups and homemade orange juice now.

  2. will be sending good theatre thoughts your way. wish I could say something that would ease the anxiety though...but "read" you on Wednesday, ok? Go and wake up Grumbles, surely it's hug time?

  3. Well, having had all 4 impacted wisdoms out under GA and emergency surgery during childbirth (nothing at all like yours though), I can safely say the teeth are a walk in the park. The op is pretty quick. My mouth hurt a bit afterwards and I had two black eyes and a swollen face. Soup and icecream are a good idea. Steer clear of rice ... it gets stuck in the places where they took your teeth out ..... eeeww.

    Sending you lots of good wishes!

  4. Good luck Jorth! Enjoy your soup and icecream when you get home!

  5. poor blossom - here are lots of hugs... i had all of my wisdom teeth out too in hospital and i had an emergency caesar (although nothing as dramatic or dangerous as your experience) and the caesar was much scarier. this won;t be an emergency remeber and a different sort of GA. but i understand how scary it is to go back for more after you've had a horrible experience.

    send me an email if you like

    more hugs


  6. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Dear jorth
    thanks for posting this - I was about to add a comment saying where arrrrre you? I will pray for peace between now and the date with the dentist tomorrow, for a smooth, speedy and text book op', and a speedy recovery.

    Blessings to you and G and G.


  7. Anonymous3:05 pm

    meant to say, if you tell them you feel partic' stressed, they will prob give you a wee relaxant. I had that before my gall bladder op.... Weeeeeeeeee!

  8. Oh god, I hate hospitals. Luckily for me I had my wisdom teeth out in the chair (they weren't impacted etc).

    I have never "been under" so it would freak me out too. BUT, my son's 8yo friend recently went "under" to have loads of teeth out/moved etc and he seemed to have a good time so who knows...You'll be fine. Best wishes.

  9. Oh my, I just read your birth story (I was riveted!) - no wonder you're a bit anxious! These 2 ops are not even in the same ball park, though. Fingers crossed for you.

  10. sending you good vibes for tommorrow! I always find a GA a freakout beforehand and I've had lots (although no scary emergencies) but seriously, would you want to be awake for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth? Which as I remember hurt somewhat...

    anyway, hope it all goes smmothly and without incident.

  11. that would be smoothly....

  12. Deep :hugs:

  13. Oh Jorth, you made me cry, reading that story of yours!
    I had my four out in the same way you are about to. There's nothing to it. The swelling and bruising will have you looking a bit rough for a week or two, but that's the worst of it.
    Good luck!

  14. Galumph here. Jorth is back home and recovering.

  15. thanks Galumph .. i'm a bit late in getting here with my well wishes.

    I also recommend washing your painkillers down with red wine. And chocolate milkshakes.

    But you didn't hear it from me ...

  16. Anonymous2:48 pm

    just checking in for progress report... thanks Galumph. Best wishes to Jorthy for speedy recovery. Soup, icecream, red jelly!

  17. hello. Just saying hi and hoping you're ok and that absolutely nothing went wrong.

    Hope we can catch up soon. I'll shout you a gelato!

    Be well. Audrey

  18. hello
    i trust it all went ok?
    wishing you a fast recovery

  19. Anonymous6:54 pm

    nooo you can't drink wine " THEY " say, it can dislodge blood clots and cause dry socket , i was that person it happened to, it was painfully gruesome, only i did it with bubbly . So get better soon and then you can have the drinkies, take care.

  20. Rest now and eat icecream. (0)

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